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Maximize wellness with ambient music


When you hear the term “ambient music”, your reaction is probably one of two extreme opposites. Either, “Yessss!” or, “Oh no.” For some people, the thought of rhythmic repetition and abstract sound—flute, for heaven’s sake!—is enough to bring out the epic eye roll. For others it’s a promise of supreme chill in an otherwise busy world. So why on earth would you want to use such a polarizing genre as the background music in your place of business? Especially a place meant to indulge and relax? Well, actually, there’s a few really great reasons, and they’re backed up with solid science. Yummy Sounds presents 3 Reasons to Choose Ambient for Relaxing Spa Music.



Real benefits for client wellness

3. Lower Blood Pressure

This one is for both spa clients and technicians. We all know that certain music just feels good. It transports us to a happy place. But it’s not just a psychological trick. Ambient music in particular actually helps regulate blood pressure and heart rate. For those listening to it regularly, like your employees, the impact may in fact be a long-lasting improvement. But even a single listening session can make a difference. And that brings us on to the next reason:

2. Anxiety and Pain Relief

By bringing blood pressure down and creating a general feeling of well-being even before treatment, relaxing spa music generally reduces anxiety and pain. That  in fact does a couple of things for the client. Firstly, it makes it possible for the client to view the spa as a retreat from the stresses of the outside world. It says chiefly: this is a soothing place of comfort. Secondly, it allows the client to cope with painful treatments. Getting your body hair removed, for example, ain’t a walk in the park. But with a soundtrack of ambient music, they’ll find it easier to get through it. And they’ll be more likely to come back for future treatments.

Keep those good vibes going

1. Increased Retail Sales

Every spa and salon manager knows that having products displayed at the payment desk is a key sales strategy. Whether its scented candles, nail polish, or skincare products, a selection of what you love and use will tempt a happy customer into spending more. After all, they’re relaxed, rejuvenated—they feel good, thanks to you. But suddenly it’s time to hand over the cold hard cash. It’s the kind of record scratch moment that can take them straight out of relaxation mode. Back to the real world!

It seems counter-intuitive to end a spa session by putting your hand out for payment. But this is often the moment when additional sales and rebooking for treatments are pushed. To maximize success in product sales and to minimize the comedown from the euphoria of the spa treatment, music is key. By playing slow-paced, relaxing spa music in the reception area, this moment can be turned to your advantage.  Firstly, keeping a calm continuity from the isolated treatment space into the busier reception area will help extend their feelings of wellbeing. Secondly, slow tempo tends to encourage customers to linger and browse more. Consequently they spend more.

Relaxing Spa Music you can choose from:

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Aurealistic – Delta Yoga
Lino Rise – HeartDrumz
Paul Werner – Vastness
Victor Penkovskyi – Ambient Sunset
Tomas Novoa – Hypnosis
Intro – Spa & Resort Logo
Intro – Strings Of The Afternoon
Mike Dicillo – Collecting Thoughts

So there you have it. Relaxing spa music really does make for a markedly improved experience at any wellness refuge. Whether you’re an oasis in an urban desert or a wilderness retreat, your spa business will benefit from choosing quality ambient music. And you can even play it down the phone when you’ve got clients on hold to keep them happy. With a full range of music for business, Yummy Sounds can help you create just the right playlist for a calm, serene atmosphere.

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