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-App Walkthrough Music-

App Walkthrough Music

App walkthrough music is its own marketing tool


When you’re bringing a new app to market, something innovative, you going to need to show people how to use it. An app walkthrough video that is short and shareable is without a doubt an increasingly popular way to do just that. These little vids are in essence one part product launch, one part part explainer video, and one part software tutorial. Add a twist of house style and a generous dash of fresh app walkthrough music, and you’ve got yourself the start of a very tasty engagement portfolio.


Stay on message with music


A Twitter Support walkthrough from a few years ago does something rather unexpected. Twitter, best known in fact as one of the world’s biggest and fastest information exchanges, slows everything right down. The animation feels low-tech—it looks at least partially hand-drawn, for example. And the app walkthrough music is acoustic guitar and piano, a surprisingly analog choice for a digital giant.

But what they’ve done here is quite brilliant. After all, this isn’t an ad for Twitter, exactly. It’s an ad for Twitter Support. The video is basically trying to cultivate an environment of comfort and trust in the Twitter brand by choosing soft imagery and sounds.

Pace the message to the beat


Check out this clever app walkthrough Uber has created for their drivers. It is clearly designed to help new drivers feel confident not only with the tech, but also with the live customers. The app walkthrough music has a markedly calm, ambient feel to it. And it’s significantly quieter than the voiceover, lingering in the background. But it also has a cheerful, syncopated beat that mimics what Uber does: it keeps things moving.

Additionally, like the Twitter one, this walkthrough has made good use of animation to simplify a complex process involving many possible scenarios. The graphic design is bold, colorful, and in keeping stylistically with the brand.

App Walkthrough Music to choose from:

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Intro – Eagerly Anticipated
Intro – Himelaya
Intro – Danceaholic
Tomas Novoa – Inspiring Rainbows
Dorothea Tachler – Los Angeles Morning
Intro – COCO
Victor Penkovskyi – Backround Corporate
Floere – Make No Sound (+ Various Versions)

To sum up: new apps need new users, and new users need walkthroughs to show the app’s capabilities. One of the best ways of course of getting people engaged in your brand is by reaching out through social media with video to get their attention. And these videos benefit from some excellent app walkthrough music that aligns nicely with your brand and message to drive home the purpose of the app. So have a pop around Yummy Sounds and start listening!

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