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Make music part of your hotel design!


Indie hotels are challenging big chains in a major way as more and more people travel for business and pleasure. For many , design and modernity are definitely of key importance to their offer. And it works as a concept. Millennials, especially, with their unbeatable instinct for style, have consistently valued authenticity over prestige. They aren’t as impressed with uniformed bellhops as they are with artful conception and a cool atmosphere. And that obviously includes the tunes. But how much of a difference does excellent background music for indie hotels make in terms of customer experience? A lot, as it turns out.



Music helps define space

Hospitality marketing experts Tambourine highlight that music is in fact a vital part of customer service. And big brand hotels already know this, often getting their music custom curated by DJs and music producers. By taking the music as seriously as they consider decor and comfort, they are building a complete experience for guests. Most important is the idea that different spaces need different sounds.

That doesn’t just mean that a ski resort naturally has a different vibe from a sleek city sleeper. (Although that, too should influence choice of background music for indie hotels.) It also means that the music in the lobby might not work for the elevator or the restaurant. Understanding how space gets used is undoubtedly critical. Whether that space’s use stays static or changes between night and day may need considering. Even a fairly traditional hotel should consider some bumpin’ beats for the gym area.

Stay for the atmosphere

Probably the most important music space in any hotel is the lobby. Whereas not everyone uses the gym, the lobby is the space through which every single visitor must pass—and every overnight guest at least twice. With that kind of footfall, even a tiny boutique place needs to think carefully about what kind of soundscape they’re creating. It should match the styling, of course. Whether it’s club chic or luxury spa in feel.

What’s more, the music should be universally welcoming. Travel journalist Andrea Petersen says, sagely, there’s a fine line between cutting edge and far out when it comes to background music for indie hotels. Uptight classical and generic jazz in particular have become snoozefests—and not in a good-night’s-sleep kind of way. But really intense urban beats may be off-putting for a significantly large slice of clientele. Finding the sweet spot is vital.

Background Music for Indie Hotels to choose from:

100% Royalty Free | Safe to use Everywhere & Forever | #YummySounds

Sneeky Creeky – Playing Ping Pong In The Dark
Tianguang Yang – Lama Temple
Floere – Dynamo
Intro – Fashion Week
Igor Shorop – Secret Agents (Various Versions)
Aurealistic – Extremo
Tomas Novoa – Forest
Lino Rise – Industry X

So how can you be sure you’re keeping things fresh without losing control over the vibe? For one thing, you can get a subscription to a music library that gives two strategic advantages. Firstly, it should give you access to a huge range of choice. After all, you’re going to need hundreds of tracks on your playlists to avoid getting repetitive. Secondly, you want a library that is constantly evolving, so you know you’re seeing what’s popular right now. Fortunately Yummy Sounds specifically provides both of those things with our Unlimited subscription. And with our new tagging system, you can easily home in on what’s new and what’s hot. And since all our tracks are royalty-free, you know you’re never going to get a surprise performing rights invoice. So relax, and let us take care of you for once!

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