Enhance the learning experience with background music for instructional videos

-Background Music for Instructional Videos-

Background Music for Instructional Videos

Music creates a welcoming learning environment


“Instructional” is certainly a big video project category. It includes everything from craft tutorials to corporate training. And whether you’re starting a new YouTube channel from scratch or you’re an experienced videographer, getting it all just right takes work. Most important, you know your video needs an audience. And background music for instructional videos is without a doubt one of the best ways to draw viewers in. And keep them watching!



The fascination factor!

Advertising execs have known for decades about the importance of the audio-visual hook when it comes to grabbing audience attention. Educational videos are not significantly different. Essentially you’re selling your knowledge to a viewer. And to capture their buy-in, you need to start your video with something engaging. Even if your instruction covers a serious subject. And if it’s not a particularly serious subject, then your intro ought to be downright entertaining.

Those first few seconds are undeniably critical. This is your moment to create a captivating educational environment. If you miss your chance, then viewers will simply tune out.  But even if your intro is simply a title card, you can still upgrade its fascination factor. Adding dynamic background music for instructional videos is a particularly easy way to do this. A short track with a catchy melody will grab viewers’ attention and set a friendly tone.

Keep them riveted!

If your video is longer than a couple of minutes, then consider using a variety of tracks to cover the progress of the lesson. Professional video editors suggest that using the same music throughout eventually becomes a problem for the viewer. Basically they become bored, which breaks concentration. Even using multiple tracks that are too similar in style can have this off-putting effect. On the other hand, using slower, uncomplicated background music for instructional videos can actually help viewers relax. And potentially learn more easily. This includes bio and ambient genres, the type of music typically associated with new age practices.

Even if your instruction is upbeat in tone, laid back music beneath the narration is an excellent choice. As modern music pioneer Brian Eno says, “Ambient music is intended to produce calm and a space to think.” The perfect atmosphere, essentially, for learning something new!

Background Music for Instructional Videos to choose from:

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Sneeky Creeky – Press The Lounge Button
Mike Dicillo – Launch Day
Floere – Leichtigkeit ( +1 extra ver. )
Intro – Strings Of The Afternoon
Intro – High Spirits
Victor Penkovskyi – Upbeat Fun
Intro – Happy Go Lucky
Igor Shorop – Tricycle And Baby

So what type of background music for instructional videos is going to work best for your project? As with all video content, consider your audience. And, of course, the mood. Children’s games and crafts videos want something fun—maybe some ukulele and hand clapping. Anything upbeat and happy, certainly! Similarly, creative instruction benefits from the quirky and colorful, so to speak. Try something groovy, with a bit of funk. And of course for corporate and professional training videos, choose clean, uncluttered, and modern tracks. They will always work beautifully. Fortunately, you’re in the right place for a wide variety of commercial video tracks. So have a nice long look around Yummy Sounds, and see what we can do for you!


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