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Great tunes should be part of your beauty kit!


Making a beauty tutorial vlog has become an art form in its own right. There are countless DIY guides on YouTube and Instagram, covering everything from hairdos to toenails. But the best ones are in a class of their own. In fact, they turn the ordinary tasks into astonishing transformations. The process of picking out clothes and putting on your makeup has certainly entered a new era! And these vlogs inevitably have terrific beauty tutorial music in the background.

For some vlogs, however, the tunes aren’t helping the content stand out. Some of them use the same handful of tracks over and over again. As a matter of fact, YouTube has a collection of tracks in their creator studio that any vlogger can use. This can be a pretty good place to start, especially if you’re testing the vlogging waters. But if you really want to make music work for you, we have some tips.


Stand out with your look and your sound!

It’s worth looking at other beauty vlogs to get an understanding of what works and what doesn’t. As with all video content, knowing your audience and matching the mood of your presentation is going to make a big difference. And finding unique music is without a doubt going to help set you apart in a crowd. But don’t feel daunted about getting it perfect. Certainly any beauty tutorial music is better than none! Especially since this is universally light-hearted content.

It’s surprisingly easy to assume that your beauty vlog should have a very specific style of music. Namely, club, techno, EDM, or something similar. But that’s because so many vlogs that are already out there rely on these genres to quickly convey a party feel. Get glammed up and go out! That’s the message from many. Even though you might not be into this style of music, you might feel obligated to follow suit. But don’t be afraid to do your own thing. Even better, color your playlist to match the aura of the makeover. On the positive side,  lots of beauty vloggers are out there mixing it up! And they are producing some seriously quality content. Let’s check some out.

Make your own trend in music!

SekineRisa, a makeup vlogger in Japan, is known for her humor as she tries out new products. She also occasionally does superfast makeovers, and she sometimes pairs her content with vaudeville piano music. But she always keeps the volume low. This is perfect, as it conveys the kind of silly rush around of a silent film. And it stays in the background, where it belongs!

Julie Oli, from HealthyAfroHair uses beauty tutorial music with a substantial bass but a mellow melody. It gives all her content a super-chilled out and extremely cool vibe. Like SekineRisa, Oli’s choices are also markedly heavy on the piano. Her advice tends to be more practical, however, so her tracks aren’t as jokey.

Although she’s not as prolific a vlogger, NailsByKizzy has an interesting approach to beauty tutorial music. She doesn’t hold her channel to one particular vibe. She matches her tunes to each individual gorgeous nail tutorial. Leopard print nails are crafted with a rock tune in the background, while bubble nails get a light techno track. Even more spot on, galaxy nails get a kind of blissed-out ambient tune.

Beauty Tutorial Music you can choose from:

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Veaceslav Draganov – A Happy
Mike Dicillo – Launch Day
Intro – Money Is A Weapon
Intro – Electronic Vintage Colors
Cromo – Rock Yeah
Intro – Driving Elsewhere
Intro – Happy Wishes
Steve Poloni – Sin City

Whether you’re launching a new vlog or refreshing some earlier content, Yummy Sounds has some fab tracks for you. Our music library is chock full of potential beauty tutorial music in all genres. If you’ve got lots of awesome content planned, then our Unlimited subscription gives you access to our entire catalog for one flat fee. And all of it is royalty-free, so there are no sneaky extra costs. Once you’ve downloaded the license, that track is yours to use whenever, forever. So get going. When you sound good, you look good!

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