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Business Intro Music

Royalty Free Intro Music for Your Videos

Intro music for videos can play a tremendous role when it comes to the viewer’s attention and emotions. Music can create a bond between the listener and certain emotions and feelings. And of course, every company and business owner who is either making a video about a certain product or service, or wishes to expand viewers’ awareness of his business, wants to leave positive feelings in the audience. Choosing the right for your business intro music for your video can help you build a connection with the viewer and create a deeper relationship with your company, campaign or product. A poor choice of music, on the other hand, can drive back potential customers, could lead to boredom, annoyance, and tedium, can ruin your marketing campaign and significantly harm your business.

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  • Intro – Russia
  • Intro – Iceland


  • Intro – Russia
  • Intro – Iceland

Essentials when it comes to Choosing the Right Intro

Whether you want to create a video for employees or a branding campaign video, its goal is to inspire and music can be of great help for that.  The role of the intro music is to grasp the viewers’ attention from the very beginning and to make them want to keep watching your video. A boring intro, no matter how engaging the content of your video is, will make people instantly move away from it. But before choosing the business intro music, you have to ask yourself a number of questions, in order to make the best possible decision. First of all, you need to think about the demographics of the audience you want to reach. Would the choice of a certain genre be more appealing to the audience, or would it make them want to turn off the video as soon as possible? If your target is broader and diverse audience, you might want to avoid too genre-specific music. Another important step in choosing the right for your business intro music is considering what the role of the music in your video.

Your Audiance Stays Focused

If you want your audience to be focused on specific information and not get distracted by the music, then you might want to choose something more supportive and not emotionally engaging and attention-grabbing intro. You must also have in mind that although the intro is in a category of its own, it should not be completely opposite to the rest of the music used in the video. The transition from the intro to the main music should be easy and natural. Another significant aspect is the budget you have at your disposal – a small business intro music library might cost USD 20 bucks or could even be free, but hiring a composer could put a lot more pressure on your budget. If you are not willing or able to spare much for an intro, there are sites that provide software so you can create just the intro music you want that would fit your video or project. Even if you have no significant musical knowledge or background, the software is easy to use, and you can create a catchy tune from the scratch after going through the step-by-step guide.

Some of the Best Sources for Business Intro Music

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There are numerous sites for intro music and software out there, but some stand above the crowd and provide almost anything one might need. is amongst the most famous and reputable business intro music one can find on the internet. The site offers four different packages, depending on the needs of the customer – a Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum Licenses suitable both for an ordinary YouTube user, as well as business owners and international advertising agencies. Prices range from USD 7 to USD 219, but once paid, license last for a life time and you have a huge variety of intro music at your disposal. The site also offers free intros every now and then. is the blog of a music compositor who offers free music for videos and presentation.

Business Intro Music

Every Great Video Starts with a Great Intro

To underestimate the importance of good intro music could be devastating for any video. The intro could make the difference between a successful advertising video and a marketing disaster. Whether you will choose to hire a composer, download a ready to use business intro music or use software to create one, make sure you pay attention to your introduction!




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