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Childrens Show Music

Kids’ shows deserve great tunes


Kids’ shows—whether films, TV, or web series—are good fun to make. But producing something of quality takes a level of creative thinking that is light years beyond grown-up programming. All in all, kids can be pretty unforgiving if they feel even slightly bored. They aren’t encumbered by any sense of sunk-cost investment, the lucky little rascals. If they don’t like it, then they’re not interested in finding out what happens in episode 2. So it’s pretty important that each aspect of the program keeps their attention. And that includes children’s show music.



Children’s show music can set trends

Digital Spy has a fantastic list of retro kids’ TV theme tunes that gives great insight into what works for children’s show music. For one thing, most of these are so definitively of their era. That is to say, the Seventies shows have music from the Seventies, and the Eighties tunes are clearly from the Eighties. There hasn’t been any real attempt at making anything sound timeless. On the contrary, they soaked up what was fresh at the time the shows were made. For example, Rainbow, number 15, has a hippie flute folk-rock vibe that is extremely Seventies. And Duck Tales, as the article’s author says, sounds straight out of the Hall & Oates songbook. While you may be tempted to try to choose music that feels classic, this list proves that using what’s hot right now can be a recipe for success.

Follow your musical instincts

You’d be forgiven for thinking that children’s show music needs to have the cheesy brightness of a carousel ditty. Basically, we have a tendency to ascribe terrible taste to kids! But the Digital Spy list also shows that kids are up for some pretty groovy sounds and concepts. In fact, they are discerning customers. For example, goth rocker Alice Cooper famously appeared on The Muppet Show in the 1970s without sacrificing a shred of his dark weirdness. More recently, loads of pop acts appeared on Yo Gabba Gabba, a show with an undeniably musical focus. But you don’t need big name acts to soundtrack children’s programming. You need some great beats because kids love to move to a groove. And above all you need the moxie to stand by your own funky taste and not to baby the audience.

Children’s Show Music you can choose from:

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Floere – Leichtigkeit ( +1 extra ver. )
Paul Werner – That is fun
Intro – HeadBang
Cromo – Rock Yeah
Steve Poloni – Downtown Funk
Intro – Drops of The Morning Dew
Intro – Sunday Afternoon
Intro – Here They Come

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