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Music and sports are practically made for each other. Rhythm and technique are unquestionably integral to both. And human beings undeniably love to move to a beat. So it’s hardly surprising to discover that one key to dominating the fitness video business is through banging tunes. Overall, top notch coaching video music will give you an edge on the competition by keeping your viewers moving and listening. Both to the music and to your expert instruction!



It’s not rocket science—it’s sport science!

Sport psychology webmag BelievePerform tells us that science backs up what pretty much any athlete can tell you: music influences performance. Anyone who likes to pop on the headphones for a sweat session already knows this, but understanding this is important. In particular, this article narrows down what exactly each component of music does to improve performance. Tempo, lyrical style, and rhythmic patterns all do different things to our minds and bodies. This knowledge, coupled with your coaching style, can help you to build an individualized coaching video music playlist. Trying to motivate viewers through a grinding aerobic workout? Consider a style with a distinctive, thumping beat, such as hip hop. Pushing through a wall to achieve a specific weightlifting goal? Go with markedly fierce and triumphant tunes. Meanwhile, a running coach could consider sound design based on tempo to help trainees find their cadence.

Choose tunes that capture attention!

The most important takeaway here is that great coaching video music can actually drive results for your followers. In other words, picking the right tunes can help your viewers meet their fitness goals more successfully. And that has the potential to translate into a more loyal following and better viewing stats. And if you’re charging for content or have a monetized YouTube channel, that means more moolah. So how exactly is music driving results? For one thing, it distracts athletes during long, repetitive training, such as marathon running. After all, the adage that running is 90% mental seems to have some basis in physiological fact. But more important for a coaching video is keeping your audience’s attention, focus, and interest in instruction. The best way to do that is undoubtedly to mix it up. Keep things fresh and interesting—even unexpected—and your viewers will find it easier to stick with it.

Coaching Video Music you can choose from:

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Sneeky Creeky – Spheric Univers
Ya-Nosh – One Call New Real
Intro – Do It
Intro – Play Land
Intro – Transformation II
Intro – Urban Life
Ya-Nosh – Realist
Sneeky Creeky – Street Art

Pretty much every gym goer has a favorite playlist. But those tunes are almost always from big name labels. Licensing tunes from major labels for coaching video music is certainly possible. But there are two drawbacks. The first is that the available coaching video music is going to be the same as what everyone else has. And secondly, it’s going to be pricey. By considering indie composers, like those at Yummy Sounds, you’ll knock out both those problems in the first round. In fact, we’ve got thousands of terrific tracks with motivational beats, as well as great value license subscriptions. So get moving!

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