Get your Commercial Intro Music

Get your Commercial Intro Music

Commercial Intro Music: Creating a Captivating Ad

Creating a commercial is challenging, mind-boggling, and overwhelming. The mere fact that you have to be unique is already difficult. You need to captivate attention within a short span of time, while being able to effectively relay your message and establish your brand. There is no magic formula on how it can be done. You won’t be able to get the right recipe from the first time. It takes countless experimentation. There are different components that should be given attention, and one of the most important would be commercial intro music.

As the name implies, commercial intro music refers to a sound bite, usually five seconds or less in length. It is the first few notes that you hear in the opening of a commercial. It is important as it sets the mood and will captivate attention. If it is lame, chances are, the listener will not pay attention to the rest of the commercial. If the first few seconds are attractive, the audience will be hooked. It is going to help your commercial create a favorable first impression.


  • Intro – Russia
  • Intro – Iceland


  • Intro – Russia
  • Intro – Iceland


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1. Utilizing the Power of Music

Commercial intro music is critical because it is an excellent way to trigger emotions. Even if it lasts for just a few seconds, it can be powerful in being able to convey a strong message, depending on what you would like to communicate to your audience. In the case of visual logos, when you first see it, you will feel a certain kind of connection. This will depend on the color and design, among other elements from its aesthetics. The same thing should be true with intro music. It must be able to influence your subconscious. It should be processed and interpreted by the brain in such a way that it will be favorable for the company.

2. Stand Out from the Competition

To be able to gain an advantage above the competition, many businesses resort into the creation of their own commercials. Nonetheless, not just any commercial would suffice. You need to make it a standout. It must be memorable. One way to achieve this would be through the use of commercial intro music. It will make you easily noticed.

3. Improve Coherence in Touch Points

Commercial intro music can also be an excellent way to establish consistency. When you use the music in a commercial, you can use it in other marketing platforms as well. The more it is heard, the more it will stick to the minds of people. You can also use in corporate videos, websites, trade shows, presentations, and online advertising, among others. The key here is repetition as a way of creating a higher level of awareness.

4. Increase your Profitability

At the end of the day, your commercial intro music can be instrumental in the achievement of profitable business performance. When you have a commercial with impressive intro music, you will be remembered, stand out from the competition, trigger emotions, and create consistency. All of these things can lead into having a positive impression and trigger more sales.

5. Choosing the Right Music

When looking for the right commercial intro music, there are several things that should be taken into account. The most important are perhaps what your commercial or brand is all about. Think of the music as the personality. It is what the people will hear first, and hence, you will be judged based on such. It can either make or break impressions about the business and the commercial. Make it reflective of the personality of your brand. It should establish the right mood and convey the right message.

The most important thing to keep in mind is that not all kinds of music are the same. In the same way, not all organizations are equal. They have varying goals, and they have different personalities. One may be hip and appealing to the younger crowd. The other may be more sophisticated and catering to the affluent market. These things will have an impact in the choice that will be made from the commercial intro music. Always think of who will be listening to the commercial. This is going to be an excellent starting point.

6. The Best Place to Find Commercial Intro Music

If you search online, you will be confronted with an almost endless list of sources of commercial intro music, each claiming to be the best. Among others, one that should not be missed is Lino Rise Media. We have a huge selection of sound bites that can be used as a trademark for your commercial. We have a library that contains music from almost every genre that you can imagine. Regardless of the mood that you wish to create, we can help you. The best thing is that they include a lifetime license, and they are royalty-free!




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