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The Perfect Company Jingle

Create the mood you want your customers and stakeholders to feel whenever they think of your company with a business jingle! Huge strides forward in the world of social media innovation over the last couple of years have made sophisticated marketing campaigns accessible for even the smallest businesses. And that has meant a boom in the creativity on display, whether it’s targeted adverts or viral videos, Instagram feeds or cheeky Snapchat peeks. It’s not enough to have an attractive, informative website and perhaps a few print ads. A mood-savvy, multi-media push makes the difference to being viewed as a clever, cutting-edge company. And that’s where a catchy business jingle comes into play.

What’s the Role of a Company Jingle in Modern Marketing?

A company jingle needn’t be long or have words sung over it. It only requires a simple but unforgettable melody that introduces your product. It can start up whenever your website is opened, or it might accompany video adverts. Or maybe it’s used mostly internally – for industry presentations or stakeholder reports. Whatever its usage, its job is to convey a positive association with your brand and to evoke a brand personality.



Customer-Logos-Yummy Sounds

To Get Viral You Need the Perfect Sound!

If it’s a viral marketing campaign you’re developing, consider how the music is going to be used. Some of the best social media videos don’t start with any music at all. There’s a setup of some kind, whether dramatic or comedic, and the jingle only kicks in at the very end, often furnishing a surprise association between the story in the video and the product or service your company provides. This surprise, a bit of cognitive dissonance, is used to get your customers thinking. And of course, to get them thinking about you. A well chosen jingle track combined with the visual emergence of your company logo will help drive the point of the video home, whether it’s designed to make them laugh, cry, or just say, “Hm”.

Or broadcast your identity straight away by launching into your company’s jingle and logo right away, helping your audience to understand exactly what your relationship is to what comes next. Once your brand is well established, the music alone will stimulate your audience’s reaction, with minimal overt messaging. So a jingle is a fantastic and cost-effective way to streamline the communication of your organization’s values and objectives.

What Jingle Solutions Can we Offer?

Our library of company jingles has dozens of possibilities for you to consider. With melodious instrumental tracks to electronic pop style presentation jingles, you’ll find something for every business philosophy. For a mellow, relaxed vibe, Carefree provides a memorable piano melody. It’s ideal for companies that are pushing ethical practices and products. Grenada’s sweeping single tone melody suggests a unified, driving vision for the future. Trinidad & Tobago has a fast underlying beat but a subdued melody, calling to mind a hive of energy that’s cool under pressure.

For the Industry

For informational videos or industry and stakeholder presentations, Ammolite VI and Glossy combines a few different elements to build a sense of anticipation – something exciting is right around the corner! And Wolkenlos’s optimistic feel is perfect for introducing something new, whether it’s a product range or a rebrand.

Industry Jingles


  • Paul Werner – Rise of Dawn

Company all Rounder

For a video providing a company narrative or history, Airiness and Lapis Lazuli II are great options. They each have an easy-going feel that still manages to drive along a pleasant pace for the story you have to tell.

Company Jingle


Custom Company Jingle Design

Licensing any of these jingles is easy with one of LRM’s packages. A sliding scale of options allows you to choose the price bracket that best reflects the usage you envision for your company jingle. And because it’s royalty-free, it’s easier and more cost-effective than using a more traditional music licensing service. You only pay for what you’ll use. So make the most of your budget and have a look at what the LRM library has to offer! And with new music being added regularly, LRM will be here for you when you’re ready for a change, too.

Let us design a cutom Jingle for your Company

And if you thought that getting a custom company jingle was beyond your budget and vision, LRM opens the door to that possibility. A commissioned commercial jingle that’s truly unique and that takes into account your vision and ethos is definitely within reach! If you’ve browsed LRM’s extensive library and haven’t quite found what you’re after, or if you would love to have something completely new that you know will speak directly to your customer base, talk to our in-house composer, Thilo Konstanzer, about your needs. With years of experience in developing distinctive tracks designed to evoke specific moods and positive associations, he can work with you to put the final musical touch on a brand that’s all your own.


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