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Explainer videos are without a doubt hot right now. They’re being used by brands big and small especially to explain new services, changes to terms, and even as added value content. But they’re also just good entertainment. As numerous popular YouTube channels can attest, people love a great nerd-out to an explainer video just for the fun of it. And some of the best ones use some swish explainer video music to jazz things up. Whether it’s a full-on background track or just a bit of an intro, tunes can help reel an audience in quickly and keep them hooked.


Explaining your brand


One of the most talked about explainer videos in recent years has certainly got to be this gem from Dollar Shave Club. What the company does is in fact not at all complicated and is also basically the name of the company. But it was new, and they needed to explain it if they wanted people to get on board with the service.

Since what they do can already be summed up in one sentence, they created a wacky, low-budget video that manages to act as an image film as well as an explainer video. It explains how the service works and it also lays bare the company’s values: good product, low cost, no fuss, a sense of humor, and job creation in the community. It’s a little work of genius, to be sure. Not to mention it ends with a groovy dance number—just the right amount of weird in explainer video music.

Explaining everything else


On the other hand, some explainer videos use music throughout as a background to the narration. Unlike the Dollar Shave Club video, many brands are trying to convey a specific mood, usually a positive one. Stitch Fix, for instance, uses a peppy ukulele melody to inspire a cheerful vibe in their service explainer. Just like Dollar Shave Club, Stitch Fix was a new concept a few years ago, so they needed to tell people how it worked in order to get them to give it a try. And just like Dollar Shave Club, it unquestionably worked.

And of course, there are loads of explainer videos that aren’t selling a brand at all. They’re just, well, explaining stuff. These explainer videos may be part of an academic presentation, a museum exhibit, or an internal company tutorial, for example. They all undoubtedly benefit from great explainer video music in the background because music helps viewers stay engaged.

Explainer Video Music to choose from:

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Mike Dicillo – Cafe Lonely
Intro – Under The Sky
Victor Penkovskyi – Motivation
Intro – Fremantle
Floere – Finding Home
Veaceslav Draganov – Happy Upbeat Whistling
Intro – On The Shore
Cromo – Family Summer

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