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Great music is key to great storytelling


Film marketing is a multi-media campaign, of course. Perhaps more so than any other type of marketing since it is marketing media itself, showing off artistry, special effects, and story all in one go. It’s not only about selling the film to a cinema audience, but also to festivals and film distributors. And while the social media push and VR are major new and future marketing territory, good old film trailers are still key to movie campaigns. And really great film trailers need epic film trailer music to grab attention and generate buzz right up until the film release date. 


Getting to the essence of your story

So what makes a great movie trailer? Crafting a great one is an art in and of itself, without a doubt. There isn’t an Academy Award for best trailer, but there probably ought to be. However dramatic the film is, the trailer has to distil it all into mere minutes without giving the whole thing away. Thus the trailer is a place of extremes. Often that means ramping up the excitement to an uncertain climax.

Action and superhero movies are excellent examples of how epic film trailer music can concentrate the film’s emotions into a short span. There’s no shortage of these types of films, of course, and they all have amazingly produced trailers. The Aquaman trailer, for instance, gives a brief, romantic intro with sweet piano and violins. But it all turns on a dime, and that’s when the action really begins. As a result, the music shifts to an in-your-face mix of driving rock drums and intense orchestral horns. It’s perfectly designed to give the audience a taste for the pace of the film.

Playing with style & genre

But while Aquaman encapsulates a range of extremes in one trailer, not all films require that. In contrast, consider comedy-drama The Favourite, which focuses on the bizarre behavior of the aging Queen Anne. In contrast is the visibly sumptuous royal court. The film trailer music captures these two extremes by playing the period sounds of harpsichord and violin at the beginning. But soon distorted and discordant cello and piano come along as things fall apart. As in Aquaman, the music tells us how the story goes.

A Quiet Place does something altogether different from these two. This movie depicts a family that cannot make any noise lest they be discovered by aliens. The beginning of the trailer has scarcely any sound, just a menacing kind of wind chime and other ghostly hints of music. But a single careless act upends everything. Once the action starts, the music is a terrifying and percussive electronic mix, like a pounding heart. This is a scary film!

Film Trailer Music you can choose from:

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Intro – Witch in Town Trailer
Intro – Wind Over Sahara
Veaceslav Draganov – Dramatic
Mike Dicillo – Vasilisa
Intro – Descent
Floere – Make No Sound (+ Various Versions)
Tomas Novoa – Moon
Intro – Panbari

In any case, choosing the best film trailer music is about audio visual synergy. Tell the story, but don’t give it away. Different types of music work for different genres of film. But a mashup of music can do great work within the same trailer to create those extreme emotional peaks and troughs in a short span of time. So have a look around Yummy Sounds. We have an interesting library of unique soundscapes. And if you can’t find exactly what you’re after, we also do custom sound design for all types of projects!

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