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How to choose inspiring music for videos

How to choose inspiring music for videos


By the time you’ve finished shooting a video, even a short vlog, you know exactly what kind of soundtrack it deserves. After all, you understand the mood, the visual cues, and the overall message. So you also understand the soundscape it needs, right? As a matter of fact choosing inspiring music for videos isn’t always that easy. In reality, often the music and the video work in tandem to create the mood. Consequently, picking the best tune for your project is super important. So what do you need to keep in mind?


Unique sounds for on-of-a-kind moments


One of the most important considerations when choosing inspiring music for videos is whether you want to go with stock music or custom sound design. For a major video production, such as a significant marketing campaign, music often becomes part of the bigger brand communications strategy. The benefits of starting from scratch with a composer is that you get significantly more involvement in the creative process and the music is totally unique.

But if you’re going to engage a composer, it’s important to know in advance what you’re after. What kind of mood—and change in mood—are you looking to convey, for example? Where are the transitions? A good composer is going to be part of the bigger production team, rather than an entirely independent entity. Embrace them into your team, and without a doubt they’ll absorb your energy and vibe and inject that into the music.

Stock music gets the job done


On the other hand, for smaller productions stock music is almost always the best option. It’s certainly the quickest and most cost effective choice. And there are plenty of very good quality stock music websites out there (including, of course Yummy Sounds!). Regular social media output or in-house corporate video projects, for instance, don’t necessarily need custom soundscapes. They basically just need a supply of great, engaging tracks that can soundtrack and transition segments of video successfully. Stock music is perfect for doing just that.

Firstly, think about what your video’s prevailing mood is. Then consider whether there are any segment transitions, such as in a training or tutorial video. Lastly decide whether you need an intro jingle or a logo reveal jingle, and then you’re ready to start shopping for inspiring music for videos. And the only way to do that is by having a listen!

Inspiring Music for Videos to choose from:

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Intro – We Care
Igor Shorop – Green Earth
Intro – Schawing
Oles Korovnichenko – Motivation Piano (Various Versions)
Intro – Magnificent Motivation
Intro – First Love
Intro – Tech
Paul Werner – Wake Me Up

So have a good look around and listen to loads of tracks, for starters. If you find some tunes you like, then you’re well on your way down the stock music path. If, however, you’re wanting something a little bit special, drop us a line. We’d love to help you develop the perfect sound to bring your project to life! In any case, happy listening!

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