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Music is the difference between bringing the house lights up or bringing the house down!


Producing a play is without a doubt one of the most satisfying artistic endeavors. From the first auditions to opening night is a journey of hard graft and growing excitement. When the curtain finally comes up on the finished production, the flood of emotions is the purest high. So the last thing you want is an administrative roadblock to your vision. Yet, when it comes to securing incidental music for live theatre, copyright restrictions can be enough to make you lose your wig. Luckily Yummy Sounds are here to explain how to navigate these tricky waters.



Follow the royalty-free road

Theatre Ontario, a live theatre education and advocacy resource in Canada, has an excellent guide to considerations for show producers. All in all, there’s a lot to remember if you’re licensing incidental music for live theatre the traditional way. That is to say, through performance rights organizations or by obtaining individual permissions. The fact is, however, that this process is long, potentially complex, and frequently expensive. Youth theatre, guerilla performance groups, and small independent productions in particular may not have the resources to access music this way. But, soft! What light through yonder window breaks? It’s the shining promise of an easier path to great theatre music!

If you’re planning on using recorded music as opposed or in addition to a live orchestra, then licensing need not be so complicated. By choosing to use royalty free incidental music for live theatre, you’ll probably save yourself some money as well as a huge hassle. What’s more, it gives you the opportunity to bring a completely unique sound to a production.

Music gives the audience their lines

Director Robert Boles gives some insight into how he settles on his choice of incidental music for live theatre. On the whole, he plans the background soundscape very carefully. In essence, though, it’s all about mood. Certainly, music is a key component to the audience’s understanding of the action. This is especially true for emotionally complex pieces that may have nonverbal moments of nostalgia, disgust, passion or other difficult sentiments. For example, Richard III’s horror of the parade of damning ghosts on the eve of Bosworth or Laura Wingfield’s despair and fragility. Music more explicitly frames these feelings for the benefit of the audience.

Additionally, incidental music helps the audience transition from one mental setting to another during scene changes. And for children’s theatre, this role of guiding the mood is even more important. Young audiences are still learning how to interpret stage productions. Well-chosen music helps them process what they’re seeing, educating them for theatre consumption as adults. In other words, music has an integral role in creating lifetime theatre patrons.

Incidental Music for Live Theatre to choose from:

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Intro – Flames Attached
Sneeky Creeky – Rain Forrest Tribe
Oles Korovnichenko – Motivation Piano (Various Versions)
Intro – Investigation
Intro – Awaiting The Incredible
Intro – Wind Upon The Mountains
Floere – Power Up
Intro – Japan

Yummy Sounds has a diverse library of tracks to fit every mood. Our composers work with orchestral soundscapes, modern electronica, folk music, and everything in between. Equally important, however, our licensing options make our service ideal for incidental music for live theatre. Once you’ve licensed a track from us, it’s yours to use again and again at no further cost. What’s more, an Unlimited license lets you download as many tracks as you need all year long for a one-off fee. It could not be easier, so keep your wig on, and start browsing!

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