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inflight safety video music

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Airline safety demonstrations have a bit of a reputation for being a punchlines. Just about everyone can gesture to where the “exits are located” like a professional flight attendant. And more than a few safety videos have gone viral for both good and bad reasons. But the truth is, hitting the right note on these short films is crucial. They need to keep passengers’ attention and still impart important information that they most likely won’t ever need to know. It’s a balancing act to keep eyes on screens, for sure. But clever ideas combined with optimal inflight safety video music are what make the difference.

inflight safety video music

Tipping the scales in safety’s favor


The fact is, it’s only recently that airlines have made a serious effort at passenger engagement. The Virgin America animation at the top of this CityLab article is only about 10 years old, but it is at the forefront in showing the jokey charm that is the hallmark of successful modern airline videos. It’s somewhat random, however, in its choice of visuals, which may leave viewers wondering about their connection to the audio message. Moreover, it’s lacking inflight safety video music, an important audience engagement tool.

Compare it with a more recent Turkish Airlines film featuring internet illusionist Zach King. This video is a masterclass in matter-of-fact information presentation coupled with a playful visual. King’s presence significantly reinforces the message without distracting from it. Additionally, the clear instruction and King’s mischievous antics are coupled with a pleasant melody, making it even easier for passengers to tune in.

Tying it in to your brand


Flying is unquestionably the safest way to travel, and is lower risk now than ever before. So while the safety demonstration is inarguably necessary, ensuring that absolutely everyone pays strict attention is perhaps not entirely driven by safety itself. In reality, inflight safety films are an important part of airline marketing portfolios these days. Therefore, keeping passengers riveted serves two purposes, one of which is brand awareness.

Packaging your demo with some brand-aligned inflight safety video music is going to reinforce whatever image you’re projecting. For some companies, that is going to mean luxury—perhaps a track full of lush and relaxed sounds. For many others that will undoubtedly mean friendly—something cheerful for sure. And all videos benefit from music that puts the mind at ease and doesn’t detract from the message. After all, the safety information is still the most important part of the video.

Music for Inflight Safety Videos to choose from:

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Igor Shorop – Silver Spring
Sneeky Creeky – Chilling Sun
Veaceslav Draganov – Beyond Borders Of Inspiration
Floere – The Beat
Intro – Sapphire I
Intro – Unworried
Sneeky Creeky – Slow Crooze
Igor Shorop – Pulse Of The Night

With the huge selection of stock music available at Yummy Sounds, you’re sure to find something that strikes just the right balance for your brand and message. If you’re unsure where to start, try searching by mood to find a list of inflight safety video music options that match the vibe you’re trying to achieve. Still stuck? Get in touch and our team will help you pick some tunes and get your idea off the ground!

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