Difference between Teaser, Trailer, Intro and Jingle

We have the right explanation for those, sometimes confusing questions.

Difference between Teaser, Trailer, Intro and Jingle

To be honest, at the beginning of my career I really got confused about the meaning of the words Intro, Jingle, Trailer and Teaser listed in the title. I used them across each other and thought one is as good as the other to use. –wrong! They all have different meanings, and to make it easier for you to follow my blog, I will explain the different between them step by step.

Don´t get confused – we explain you the difference clear and easy!

What is Trailer Music

Most of us know trailer as a little summary of an upcoming movie. We have all seen trailers. It is a short clip with thrilling music in the background. We are getting excited and are looking forward for the movie. A trailer is important for the viewer. It is like a book cover. The writer doesn’t tell you all of it but it gives a few impressions of the story. It allows you to have a little sneak peek into what will come. For any clip, I can create the music to accompany the story. Trailer music can back up the story but it does not have to be repeated in the movie. NOTE: It is no title song!

Trailer Music


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What is a Teaser Music?

You use teaser more visual. It is not a sound. A teaser can be a short slogan or clip. Teaser should make reader/ viewer curious of the article or subject. For example receiving commercial mails/ emails. The sender use a slogan which tries to seduce you in clicking on it. “You have won, please open the attachment” or similar. There are also a lot of positive examples for a teaser. All newspaper/ magazines work with teaser. It is the headline of the front page which will make people buy the newspaper/ magazine to read more about the story titelt up front. In the movie industry, teaser get used as a “cold opening” to a movie. It can be the on-screen billing. Or if you have a look at the tv series. Almost in each episode you have a teaser at the beginning. It shows you important scenes of previous episodes, called recaps, so that the viewer understands the coherence between the episodes. You can also use the word to describe the short click on a music title for example at Amazon. If you like to buy a single song you can have a short random listening and this is also called teaser.

Teaser Music


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What is Intro Music?

Intros show you the beginning of a song, project, animation or movie. Let’s take for example the structure of a song. It starts with an intro followed by stanza – refrain- stanza- refrain repeat it a couple of times -then the fade out. So you see the intro is the first part of a song. The ground structure that the intro prepares. It makes the listener curious. It has already the melody that flows steady through the song. So if you listen to the first few seconds to a song you can mostly tell which one it is. Try it!

Intro Music


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What is a Jingle?

What I first think of when I hear the word jingle is the Christmas song “jingle bells” Maybe it is because I am German but I guess it is just a general thing. I always have to add this small word “bell”. Or I have to think of one of my favourite series “two and a half man”. The main character Charlie Harper is a jingle-writer. He texts short stories for companies which they use as a commercial on radio or TV. It has a high recognition value if a company uses a good jingle. A jingle is the acoustical voice of a company. Even if it’s just a few seconds long, a sequence of a couple of tones, it can give people the connection to a certain product.

Another good explenation for Jingles on Wiki

Hope it helped and you know now what I am talking about in my other blog texts when it comes to teaser, trailer, intro & jingle.



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