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-Music for Clothing Retailers-

Music for Clothing Retailers

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Selling clothes is a tricky business. Half your clientele love the chase, browsing for hours. Meanwhile, the other half can’t get out of there fast enough. Encouraging people to linger just long enough to fall in love with your offer means creating a welcoming atmosphere. And, in fact, research shows that shops with nice tunes turn new customers into repeat business. That is to say, they like being there, so they keep coming back. Indeed, for small businesses, building and keeping a loyal clientele is absolutely critical. Some sweet music can make all the difference. And of course, if you’re an independent shop, you want music to match your individuality. In light of all that, let’s talk about picking excellent music for clothing retailers!

Music for Clothing Retailers

Putting people at ease with the right tunes!

First impressions are lasting impressions, of course, and the best music for clothing retailers should give your customers an enthusiastic welcome. By the same token, knowing who is interested in buying your product should influence your playlist. You and your customers need to get to know each other! The vibe your customers glean from the music, the lighting, and the people they encounter all color their perception of their experience, and of you. Each piece of the puzzle plays an important role in the bigger picture. Perhaps you’re catering to a sophisticated and timeless sense of style. Music to match might include some light jazz or blues. Whereas if you’re a formalwear shop, classical or orchestral tracks may bring the right ambience to your space. And a mix of sultry Latin beats and lounge music will give lingerie shopping that certain wink, nudge, and je ne sais quois.

Adventurous sound to inspire great looks!

But you should keep not only your clientele in mind when choosing music for clothing retailers, but also you need to consider… well… you! After all, it’s your shop. And everything you put out there, from a snazzy window display to style advice, is a reflection of your values. And sometimes that means flipping the script to give a pleasant surprise. For an independent and independently-minded boutique focused on more daring looks, some cutting edge tracks are in order. Consider some energetic electronic tunes to give an edgy clientele something to groove to. Craft a funk or hip hop playlist to cater to a street-wise crowd. And attract new customers looking for a wardrobe shakeup with an infectious selection of rock and pop beats! Of course, each element of your space is influencing the people there. And the music in particular is going to guide their choice of purchase.

Music for Clothing Retailers you can choose from:

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Lino Rise – Summerlight
Victor Penkovskyi – Image is Everything
Steve Poloni – Covius
Cromo – Shining Star Of My Life
Intro – House Yaa
Cromo – I’m Gonna Miss You Baby
Victor Penkovskyi – Road Trip
Lino Rise – MiniMania

Buying tracks off the rack is all well and good. But being able to customize your playlist is especially important for indie retailers. Licensing music from performing rights warehouses, however, can cost a bundle, which isn’t great for smaller companies. A forward-looking business like fashion deserves an innovative approach to every aspect of the enterprise. And that includes licensing fabulous tunes.

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