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Music for company induction videos that complements your brand!

Music for company induction videos

Creating a welcoming environment from day one!


Anyone who has had to watch a company induction film has probably seen a bad one. Specifically, you’ve probably seen one that was B-O-R-I-N-G. That’s because it’s easy to make a bad one, and it’s a challenge to create an appealing one. Luckily there are tons of resources out there, including specialist marketing professionals, that can inject some fun into the film. A dull lesson isn’t going to impart real knowledge, of course. But a cool one with some upbeat music for company induction videos will help your new staff instantly feel part of an exciting new community of colleagues. And with a flood of new graduates entering the job market right now, there’s no better time to bring fresh talent into your team!


Music for company induction videos

Music helps lay the foundation for success!

Creative agency TellyJuice gives a short list of tips on what to include to make an effective induction film. Their first tip is absolutely crucial: Know your audience. After all, not everyone is starting in the same department or has the same responsibilities. In fact, your company may benefit from a series of induction films that cover different aspects of the company that new recruits can view if they need to and skip if they don’t. Although, having just one that covers your firm’s history, culture, and universal statutory safety info is still a good idea. That way you know everyone has had the same basic foundation to build on.

But TellyJuice leave out an important component of crafting an interesting film: incorporating appropriate tunes! You can have terrific vocal content, a concise and engaging script, and even interactive screens. But if you’re layering on outdated or boring tracks, you’re going to end up with a snoozefest. You need music for company induction videos that is friendly, optimistic and—equally important—not distracting. You want them to remember the information, not the earworm!

Keep your culture in mind!

It’s also important to recognize your company’s culture when picking tracks. If you’re office life is quite formal, you might consider a classically-inspired piano melody. If you’re in the manufacturing trade, for example, perhaps something more industrial would suit. And a start-up with a casual, indie culture definitely benefits from a correspondingly quirky and charming soundscape. Do keep your workplace’s atmosphere in mind when planning your music for induction videos. After all, this is a staff member’s introduction to what it’s really like to work with you!

Finally, don’t forget the segment transitions. These are the moments in between sections of the video—in other words, the chapters of your film. In these breaks, you can pop in some particularly exciting music. It’s a chance to refresh everyone’s attention before the next segment begins. Choosing dynamic and cheerful music for induction videos for these moments will set a great mood for the upcoming chunk of information. Your new starters will appreciate anything that helps them absorb what is undoubtedly a lot of advice in a short span of time during their orientation.

Music for Company Induction Videos you can choose from:

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Intro – United
Igor Shorop – Green Earth
Intro – Audiologo II
Intro – Clean Logo Sting
Intro – Rain Drops (+ Second Version)
Aurealistic – Congo NW Zeland
Intro – Techno Geometry
Intro – Unworried

Some classic advice given to jobseekers is to remember that the company isn’t the only one doing the interviewing; the jobseeker is interviewing the company, too. So once new team members are on board, making sure your business is putting its best face forward during those first weeks matters a lot. You only get one chance to make a great first impression! And Yummy Sounds is here to help!

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