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-Music for Compilation Videos-

Music for Compilation Videos

Great music for compilation videos gets your viewers engaged!


Creating footage compilations to share online is without a doubt a money spinner for your social media account. Basically, compilations are the AV version of the listicle. Usually, they’re usually short and full of super-engaging clips, and the formula is pretty simple. In fact, they can be on literally any subject, from cute cake decorating ideas to funny faceplants. By the same token, it scarcely matters whether the clips are especially close in subject matter. A group of videos that just make people laugh or gasp is enough to get millions of views and likes. And in short, adding some mood-appropriate music for compilation videos into the mix just makes everything that much better!


Music for Compilation Videos

The music makes the mood!

Oddly Satisfying, a YouTube channel dedicated to bringing together clips of really very diverse activities, has undoubtedly defined their niche. As the name suggests, everything they show, from glassblowing and calligraphy to pressure washing and gymnastics, gives a weird feeling of contentment. Chiefly, their mix of footage provides a bizarre mix of visual and mental gratification. And of course, their choice of music for compilation videos reflects that. Often, they  pick happy piano tracks. Or sometimes they opt for very low stakes techno. As a result, the repetition which is integral to electronic and trance tunes mimics the daydreaming pleasure of these videos.

Enhance viewers’ experience!

As any horror movie fan can tell you, even spooky and scary stuff can give you a thrill. Indeed there are plenty of creepy top ten compilation films out there. Not surprisingly, they cover urban legends, serial killers, and terrifying Wikipedia pages to keep your mind busy for ages. Obviously they want some sinister music for compilation videos to accompany their clips. A touch of theremin or just a particularly ominous soundscape will do the job nicely. But light-hearted compilations call for something different. A collection of funny segments showing epic fails or adorable animals of course benefits from sillier tunes!

Music for Compilation Videos you can choose from:

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Intro – Fremantle
Intro – That Is Fun
Intro – First Cup Of Coffee
Mike Dicillo – Morning Joe
Igor Shorop – Tricycle And Baby
Intro – Pop
Intro – Get Down I
Lino Rise – Maple Leaf Rag (Piano Cover)

The fact is, no matter what you’ve got in your compilations, Yummy Sounds has the best selection of music for compilation videos around. We work with a super diverse group of composers, and accordingly, our library is full of interesting, original tracks. Of course, with one of our great value subscriptions, you can download tons of tracks and save a bundle! And once you’ve downloaded with us, you’re free to use that music again and again for any project you like. Whenever, forever!

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