Cook up tasty content with great music for cooking videos!

-Music for Cooking Videos-

Music for Cooking Videos

Spice up a food vlog with great music for cooking videos


When food blogs first got started, they were for hobbyists only. Quick snaps of restaurant meals and homemade goodies from a time before social media. It was the early Noughties, and YouTube and Instagram had yet to debut. Even Facebook was in its infancy, merely a way to reconnect with college buddies. Once, quaint competitions amongst bloggers saw dozens of recipes for the same thing gathered into proto-listicles. Even terrible photos had to be taken on a camera that wasn’t on your phone. My, my, how the landscape has changed. At this point food blogging is a career path. And with video at its core, choosing the the perfect music for cooking videos is an important part of the recipe for success!


Music for Cooking Videos

Music makes the meal

Adobe Spark has some great technical tips for making your video look nice and polished. But they also have great ideas about how to hook an audience on social media. Most important is getting users to slow their scroll when autoplay kicks in. Of course, Buzzfeed offshoot Tasty has this down pat, by making everything seem super accessible. Whether it’s something fancy to impress or a game day fave, it all feels achievable. Bacon-wrapped, cheese-stuffed potatoes? Nothing could be easier! Croissants from scratch? Piece of patisserie. In just a few seconds they turn viewers into confident kitchen experimenters and home cooks.

To be sure, one of the most important utensils in Tasty’s video kitchen is their music for cooking videos. The tunes that go over their clips without a doubt contribute to that air of nonchalance. It’s like being at your best friend’s kitchen table. And they match the color scheme: bright, energetic, exuberant! Their chirpy cheerfulness provides an optimistic head of steam to propel viewers off the computer and into the kitchen! Or not…

Cater to your audience’s tastes

As a matter of fact, as a species we love cooking shows. Evidently more than we love cooking. And out of the major social media players, Facebook is without a doubt the Chef de Cuisine of sharing food content. But interestingly, YouTube by itself is the Sous Chef angling for the top job. It comes in at an especially close second. Basically this means a fledgling YouTube vlogger can get in on this huge content pie. People are especially hungry for cooking content, and there’s never enough to go around!

So get cracking those eggs, and post your unique take on the genre. And obviously make sure you include great music for cooking videos. If you’re following Tasty’s lead, then choose something happy-go-lucky. Consider tracks chock full of ukulele and glockenspiel, with a dash of clapping hands. For a more traditional format featuring classic dishes, maybe something orchestral will have the right flavor. Even then, however, go for optimistic since it helps viewers feel like they’re invited to the party.

Music for Cooking Videos you can choose from:

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Intro – Warm Welcome Short
Intro – Dancing Leaves
Floere – Finding Home
Intro – Pequenas Mentes
Intro – Weekend Party
Mike Dicillo – Morning Joe
Victor Penkovskyi – Happy and Cheerful
Paul Werner – Go Touring

So you know what kind of sound you need to get the clicks. But with a whole internet full of stock music for cooking videos, where to begin? Well, while you’re here with us, why not have a browse around Yummy Sounds. We make it easy to find music for whatever mood you’re working with. To begin with, all our licenses are on a one-time fee. In fact, you can use the same track in multiple videos, with unlimited views. Even on other unrelated projects! And of course, we’re always happy to make recommendations if you can’t decide.

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