Music for corporate promo videos sells a whole image!

-Music for Corporate Promo Videos-

Music for Corporate Promo Videos

Fully engage your audience with music


Video is the rapidly becoming the most important way we interact with the world. And that especially includes how we make up our minds about what brands we buy, do business with, and go to work for. As a matter of fact, having a little video embedded on your website or social media isn’t just the gold standard of comms anymore. It’s the standard, period. Even if you’re a small company, you need video as part of your communications portfolio to keep competitive. Fortunately there are loads of solutions, from small freelance videographers to major production companies, to help you put your best face forward. And a little music for corporate promo videos is without a doubt the perfect finishing touch!



Music neatly delivers complex messages

Until recently, promo videos meant commercials for the most part. But these days video goes way beyond traditional advertising. It’s about crafting a company story and public image. These promo videos can be be incredibly powerful components of a bigger marketing plan.

We also know that music has an impressive ability to influence our mood while we watch. Therefore music for corporate promo videos essentially tells us how we feel about the brand we’re interacting with. With this in mind, choosing the right tracks is pretty important. You want to keep in mind not only positive associations generally, but more specific feelings as well. For instance, you want people to be able to feel trust in the quality and safety record of a car manufacturer. But you might also want them to associate your specific brand with sexiness and speed. Music can certainly help drive home a complex message like that one.

Engage your own people with music

And promo videos are great not only for external, but also internal communications. A company with a new benefits policy, for example, can encourage uptake with a smart promo video. Additionally, internal recruitment drives can benefit from promos that explain how employees can apply or access the training they need to move up or into new departments. Orientation and onboarding videos for welcoming new recruits into your corporate culture are also perfect way to ensure a uniform message across the board.

These videos can be shared on intranet portals, via email, employee newsletter or whatever other internal comms system works best for you. Embedding multimedia in communications has never been easier. And it undeniably makes information more accessible by offering it alongside text in an alternative format, an important HR consideration. And in fact, adding music for corporate promo videos helps keep your employees focused on the information they need.

Music for Corporate Promo Videos to choose from:

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Mike Dicillo – Team Building
Steve Poloni – Dihedral
Intro – Magnificent Motivation
Intro – Playful Tale
Steve Poloni – Drift
Intro – Invisible Exploration
Intro – Feeling Good Logo
Intro – Strings Of The Afternoon

So how can you decide on a great track to get your message across? The best way, basically, is to listen to plenty of tracks and see how you feel. Yummy Sounds has a well-stocked library of music for corporate promo videos with new tracks coming online all the time. From toughness to tenderness, you’re sure to find a track to suit your image here. And if you’re in need of assistance, drop us a line. We’re happy to help!

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