Engaging Music for Corporate Training Videos

Music for Corporate Training Videos

Choosing great music for corporate training videos


A few years ago, British Heart Foundation released an absolutely epic CPR training video for the general public. Featuring tough guy actor Vinnie Jones, it combined star quality, funny banter, and iconic music—the Bee Gees’ Stayin’ Alive—to promote first aid skills. The music was absolutely key to the message and the training. The video went viral for all the right reasons. Not all training videos rely so heavily on the music to get the message across as this one. That said, selecting ace music for corporate training videos is an important piece of the puzzle when it comes to getting people to pay attention to the teaching. But it’s easy to overlook when there’s a curriculum to plan.


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Music helps set the mood for learning!

Visual communications software developer TechSmith has a great how-to blog on making corporate training videos. It’s full of excellent tips on how to narrow your focus and choose a format that suits your material. But it misses out a critical component. Crafting a truly engaging film requires a combination of clear and helpful visuals with suitable audio. Choosing the best music for corporate training videos is what will make an effective project.

Scripting a corporate training video sounds easy. And at its basic level, it’s not that complicated. You want your audience to learn how to comply with the latest company policy or you want them to learn how to use a new piece of kit or software, perhaps. Once you’ve got an interesting instructional design idea to keep the lesson flowing, it’s time to start thinking about keeping your students’ attention. And that includes selecting some super music for corporate training videos to set the mood for learning. After all, corporate training is important for helping workers navigate regulations and equipment with minimal problems – frankly a win-win for employers and employees.


Inspire confidence with the right music for corporate training videos

The most effective music for corporate training videos is going to achieve a few things. First of all, it shouldn’t distract the learner from the instruction they’re receiving. It should be unobtrusive and pleasant. Secondly, it should inspire a feeling of competence both in the student and in the person responsible for the training. It needs to be a quality sound production . Thirdly, it can be used to refocus attention during segment transitions or changes of topic. This helps keep the viewer on task throughout what might not be the most interesting topic for them.

If your film is going to be broken down into segments, you’re going to have gaps between spoken instruction. What you don’t want to have are breaks full of silence or white noise, which will feel awkward, or worse—boring. To encourage concentration, mix up some calm background music with more dynamic music in those gaps in teaching action. This will help the students feel like the lesson is bustling right along. Once the next chapter begins, the music can settle down again into something mellow to maintain audio interest, which will keep everyone fully immersed in learning.



Music for Corporate Training Videos you can choose from:

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Steve Poloni – Jive Five
Intro – Rock’n Rolla
Intro – Solution
Intro – Ammolite II
Paul Werner – Wild & Yummy
Mike Dicillo – Team Building
Intro – Funky Joint
Intro – Rain Drops (+ Second Version)

A great starting point for choosing top-notch music for corporate training videos is to use the Yummy Sounds Mood search. Browse around the Style search as well for ideas. Training should be a positive experience, and something upbeat is going to foster those confident vibes toward the lesson. Hopefully that will reinforce the training. And even better, all the trainees will feel good about the investment their company is making in their careers!



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