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Sweet tunes add a special final touch to craft videos!


It’s summertime, and for parents, the livin’ is decidedly not easy. What to do with those pesky kids all day? If you’re in the US, then you’re about halfway through, and have probably exhausted your arsenal of activities. Whereas in Europe, the start of holidays is looming, and carers are grasping for ideas to make it through! Enter the boon that is the internet. It’s full of creative ideas for little ones. The numbers don’t lie. Millions…tens of millions of people view, like, and subscribe to craft channels and websites. And if you’re a creator yourself, then you know there’s nothing like getting your methods onto video for sharing with others. And all things considered, the key to engagement, as always, is how you curate the music for craft tutorials. The tracks cultivate that joyful and inspired atmosphere your viewers are hoping for!


music for craft tutorials - yummy sounds

Kids love creating! 


The internet has got to be the greatest resource for craft ideas ever. Whether you’re after something for your own rugrats to do or inspiration for the classroom, camp, or party activity, you’ll find something on social media. Pinterest, of course has lots of craft tutorials. But video shows craft method in a way that photos just can’t match. Some ace blog-style websites like Red Ted Art even embed some videos. But YouTube is especially handy because there are so many craft videos to check out.

5 Minute Crafts KIDS has an epic following on YouTube, of nearly 4.5 million. That’s not chump change in the world of social media. And it’s definitely not a coincidence that their productions are short, sweet, and full of lovely music for craft tutorials! Just as in Red Ted Art’s videos, the tunes are playful and quirky. Their channel is designed to keep kids as well as carers interested. Primarily they do that with acoustic indie sounds, like charming xylophone and ukulele.

Grown ups can play, too!


But crafts are definitely not just for kids. Buzzfeed Nifty has to be one of the most popular and well-known crafty video producers out there. Their audience is essentially anyone with an interest in beautifying their lives without breaking the bank. And they seem to cover every aspect of life, whether it’s making cute party favors or painting your walls in an unexpected way. Without a doubt, their content is super engaging, with its fast forward pacing and clever presentation, aimed at adults.

Equally important is the attention they give to their choice of music for craft tutorials. They almost always choose especially fast-paced tracks for the background, keeping up with their quick cut style of editing. And even though it’s universally upbeat, their music also covers a wide range of genres, from electric rock to indie acoustic. It all depends on the aesthetic style of the crafts they’re showing off. In other words, matching the mood of the music to the visual is of key importance!

Music for Craft Tutorials you can choose from:

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Intro – Funky Joint
Veaceslav Draganov – A Happy
Victor Penkovskyi – Upbeat Fun
Paul Werner – That is fun
Intro – Nightlife
Intro – Weekend Party
Intro – Adaptor
Intro – Dancing Leaves

So you know how to make, you know how to film, and now you know that choosing the perfect music for craft tutorials is essential to building viewership. Whether you’re embedding shorts in your own website or cultivating a monetized YouTube channel, don’t forget the tunes! And we’ve got tons to choose from. So have a browse, get crafting, and be sure to share your awesome new video with the Yummy Sounds Facebook page! We love to see our own handiwork being put to use!

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