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-Music for Crime Drama-

Music for Crime Drama

Music thickens the plot for crime dramas!


Crime dramas are without a doubt some of the hottest entertainment right now. Television is teeming with smart, serious, and sexy series following the lives and times of cops and criminals. From gritty inner city beats to atmospheric Nordic landscapes, every taste is catered for. And with the boom in true crime podcasts, people are altogether obsessed with getting their fill of these suspenseful shows. With this in mind, it’s ever more important to realize that new crime programming must find ways to stand out from the usual suspects in the lineup. And one excellent way of doing that is by putting some extraordinary music for crime drama into the program. 



Electronic melodies make the mood

Electronic style tracks in particular seem to work well in the genre. For programs and podcasts with a forensic bent, electronic sounds can channel a kind of scientific, logical approach. For suspense and mystery-driven stories, the distortion often found in electronica can quickly convey that not all is as it seems. Melodies need not be complex, even if the storyline is. Occasionally, some cinematic sequences may call for driving, urban beat, which might be a touch more involved instrumentally.

For podcasts where there are a lot of story transitions and which are particularly heavy on narration, music can help hold attention. Probably the best known true crime podcast of all time is Serial, which uses a low-key, modern electronic track behind much of the narration. Basically, this helps keep the voice sound from getting monotonous. No matter how interesting the story is, listening to one sound or voice for a long time can fatigue the hearing. Apart from the obviously compelling story, a bit of music for crime drama gives just enough audio interest to keep the ears engaged.

Telling the story with sound

While crime dramas have adrenaline-fueled plots, crime drama theme songs are  often emphatically relaxed. There may be a couple of reasons why this works so surprisingly well. But mostly it’s about capturing the essence of the program. Take Law & Order, for instance. This classic bit of music for crime drama is in fact totally straightforward, underscoring the title. It reassures us that everything is under control. We’re not watching Chaos & Danger, after all. In a similar fashion, Hinterland’s quiet chords play with the desolation of the show’s title and landscape. The Missing has a slow and creepy song, like a music box running down—suitable for its living nightmare theme.

On the other side of the law, The Sopranos music—one of the most recognizable themes in all of television—keeps company with the criminals. There is an understated but cocky rock melody and a dead-eyed coldness to the voice as it sings about destiny and violence. If a song could be a character, this one without a doubt is Tony Soprano.

Music for Crime Dramas you can choose from:

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Intro – Narrow Fade
Sneeky Creeky – Another Evening
Lino Rise – Purple Blood
Paul Werner – Rampage (Long Version)
Intro – Witch in Town Trailer
Steve Poloni – Black Rock
Intro – Comunication Issue
Intro – Pride And Elegancy

Soundtracking a crime show means getting a few different pieces together to serve different purposes. A great, distinctive intro for the credit roll will undeniably set the tone of the whole thing. But some moody, broody background tracks keep things moving along and create atmosphere and suspense. And of course one or two crushing pursuit tracks are perfect for those heart-pounding moments. Fortunately, Yummy Sounds has got it all under one proverbial roof. With thousands of tracks, cutting edge sound concepts, and an easy search function, finding the right music for crime drama for your project is surely a closed case!

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