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Explore Awesome Music for Dive Videos!

music for dive videos

Document your underwater adventures with dive videos!

When the sun is shining on those crystal blue waters, there’s nothing for it—it’s dive time, baby! If you’re up here in the Northern Hemisphere, like Yummy Sounds, beach weather is already here! So grab your tank and fins and get yourself overboard. Bring along your camera and take some gorgeous shots of this season’s underwater wonders. And if you’re Down Under, you’ve probably got a backlog of summer videos ready to edit. If you want to elevate your films from pretty great to completely awesome (trust us, you do), you’re going to need some ace music for dive videos to add on top!

music for dive videos

Take the plunge into underwater video

Maybe you’re a certified scuba diver and underwater videographer with hours upon hours of experience. Or maybe you’ve just starting to dip your toe into the pool, so to speak. In either case, you’re probably going to want to share the magic of what you’ve seen beneath the waves with others. You may have travelled to a once in a lifetime destination. You can’t leave without at the very least grabbing some snaps! And provided that you’ve got a decent camera and a curious mood, you’re going to capture some amazing footage. So what to do with it when you’re back on dry land?

Dive Advisor, true to their name, gives great guidance on how to turn your vacation footage and photos into quality mini films. They cover everything from storytelling to color correction, designed especially for dive video beginners. Your films and photos are definitely a great way to share the magic of your holiday with friends and family. But their true value is undoubtedly as personal keepsakes of your adventures. Once you find some awesome music for dive videos to layer in, you’ll find yourself reliving every gorgeous moment whenever you watch!

Craft the final cut with great music for dive videos

If you’re a more experienced dive videographer, but still need some tips on turning your films into something spectacular, check out Underwater Photography Guide’s website. They have detailed info on what equipment to use as well as how to use it. And what’s more, they understand the value of the choice of audio once you’re back in the editing suite—or on your laptop. Picking the ideal music for dive videos to match your editing style is going to be the difference between a nice film and a sensational one. And the right sound will significantly help you to find a flow to your final edit.

If you’re crafting a professional film for resort advertising or a documentary, you may have narration as well as music. In this case, your best bet is to choose something unobtrusive and pleasant. It will lift the viewer’s mood while they listen to the information. If you’re making a travel vlog or a personal adventure film, you can opt for more dynamic music for dive videos. As most of the guidance says, understand what the story is that you’re telling. That story is generally the best starting point for picking your tunes.

Music for Dive Videos you can choose from:

100% Royalty Free | Safe to use Everywhere & Forever | #YummySounds

Cromo – Shining Star Of My Life
Paul Werner – Solid
Intro – First Cup Of Coffee
Mike Dicillo – Our Story
Intro – Puppenstube
Victor Penkovskyi – Journey Together
Cromo – Just Trust Me Baby
Mike Dicillo – Team Building

Getting the footage is both the most fun and the hardest part of making a dive video. Editing it down to something watchable isn’t usually an explorer’s favorite part of the adventure. But Yummy Sounds is here to—at the very least—make choosing and licensing cool music for dive videos a breeze! Search by mood or style to match your story, grab a license, and you can use our tracks for as many projects as you like for any platform. You’ll be back out in the water in no time!

Find the perfect music for your project – In Seconds!

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