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Music for fashion shows

Match designer style with the right music for fashion shows


Soundtracking a runway show—it feels like it should be easy. We’ve all watched a hundred models stomp the catwalk to brash techno tracks in movies and television. But the reality of choosing suitable music for fashion shows is far from employing this cliché. New Zealand’s Fashion Quarterly quotes Kiwi style guru Chris Lorimer, explaining that music for fashions shows is an “extension of the styling.” With that in mind, it’s so important for the DJ to understand the message and emotion the designer is channeling with their designs. Matching the mood and energy of the clothes is essential. Of course, every DJ is going to interpret a designer’s collection differently. Curating sophisticated music for fashion shows requires collaboration and a shared artistic vision between DJ and designer. So what does that mean?


Music for fashion shows

Connecting with the designer’s vision

For a great starting point, check out Vogue’s playlist of the best tracks from Paris Fashion Week’s Spring 2018 event. It’s clear immediately that no two shows are alike when it comes to the tunes. Some are playful and others are subdued. Some tracks are brand new and some are classics. One was even created by the designer himself to go with his collection.

To achieve synergy between fabulous clothes and fabulous music for fashion shows, a dialogue must happen between DJ and designer throughout the creation of the collection. The playlist isn’t complete until the collection is. As runway DJ Mia Moretti explains to Fashionista, “New ideas… always come to life as a collection is being born.” Following along with the evolution of the collection means that the ideas for the music may change, too. And that’s cool because making art is all about capturing the moment!

Making a statement with clothes and music!

A fashion designer may be inspired by anything. Perhaps they are paying homage to a past style icon or a particular era in fashion. They may feel focused on a particular material, color, or pattern. Or they may have a grander vision. Indeed, they may find a muse in a whole culture or may want to make a bold political statement. These are the factors that comprise the message that the best music for fashion shows is able to match.

Psychedelic patterns want something funky. Swirling hemlines perhaps call for romantic harmonies. Sometimes playing with contrast is what makes the pairing between music and fashion truly transcendental. Heavy metal with suits, classical piano alongside studded leather, smoky jazz to accompany neon streetwear—play around with seemingly clashing ideas and you may find a gorgeous pairing!

Music for Fashion Shows you can choose from:

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Cromo – I’m Gonna Miss You Baby
Intro – Cool Entrance
Ya-Nosh – Ex Machina
Intro – Festive
Intro – DUB FX
Intro – Full Escalation
Intro – Elegant Angels
Cromo – Future Disco

One thing that’s never going to go out of style is originality. Every fashion designer is a trendsetter, whether they are crafting avant-garde artworks or showcasing an upcoming season of ready-to-wear workout clothes. They are all challenging the audience to consider something unexpected and inventive—maybe even revolutionary. To match that vibe, you need innovative music for fashion shows. And you’re in good hands here at Yummy Sounds for that! Have a browse through our Fashion Video Theme for some ideas, or search by Mood or Style to find your ambience!

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