Awe-inspiring Music for Fireworks Displays!

Music for Fireworks Displays

Get hearts soaring with uplifting music for fireworks displays!


‘Tis the season for weddings, festivals, and all kinds of fun outdoor events! And what better way to wow the crowd than with a bangin’ pyrotechnic show! Fireworks have become the essential event-within-the-event in recent years, a chance to go all out for your guests. But what’s really going to light their fire is some explosively awesome music for fireworks displays coordinated with the show!

Music for Fireworks Displays

Coordinating the visual and the audio

Check out Dynamic Fireworks’ A-Z guide on all the different types of bangs you can get for your buck. In essence, it’s a glossary of fireworks. But it is above all a great tool for planning a display. And not only for reminding yourself of how each component will appear visually, but also for how you can combine desired visual effects with some cool music for fireworks displays. There’s something so satisfying about a display that is nicely coordinated with its audio effects. Anyone who’s seen the Boston Pops performing the 1812 Overture to fireworks and real cannon fire every Fourth of July can attest to that!

There are dozens of blogs and listicles out there telling your what music to play during your fireworks display. And to be honest, they’re pretty predictable and the articles are all basically the same few songs. To be fair, if you’re planning a classic holiday fireworks event, you can’t really go wrong with quintessentially pyrotechnic music. So long as you don’t mind having the same basic show as everyone else, that is. But even beloved traditions benefit from a little shakeup now and then. Adding some hot new music for fireworks displays to your show can really freshen up the celebration!

Light up the mood with perfect tunes!


Even small events can be made to feel particularly grand with a classy fireworks show. Indeed, understanding the mood of the celebrations can help in choosing ideal music for fireworks displays. The tunes do the job of telling the crowd what the overall feeling is, whether it’s a stately municipal anniversary or an off the hook festival show. With that in mind, here are some ideas to help you get started in choosing different and new music for fireworks displays.

Trade shows, grand openings, product launches—these types of corporate events really do wear fireworks nicely. And they definitely want dynamic music for fireworks displays. Probably a bit inspiring, too. After all, it’s business. Orchestral tracks would work well here. Sporting events, and festivals definitely benefit from music that’s a bit wilder, even far out. The audience is going to be keyed up for fun and feeling eager for a show that matches their excitement. Techno, rock / pop, and dance music would all undoubtedly be good bets. And weddings can really run the gamut of emotions, from romantic, of course, to playful. But above all, the music should be happy for this kind of event.

Music for Fireworks Displays you can choose from:

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Mike Dicillo – Basileus
Lino Rise – Tell A Story
Intro – Neon Dream
Intro – City Of Tomorrow I
Mike Dicillo – Karda
Intro – Sweet Vape
Victor Penkovskyi – Journey Together
Paul W – Adventure Ahead ( +1 Ver. )

Browsing by mood and music style is easy at Yummy Sounds. Choose the filter you want or mix in a few to narrow down the possibilities to a precise selection. And any tracks you license with Yummy Sounds are yours to use whenever, forever. So, definitely have a good rummage. You might just light the fuse on your imagination!

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