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Build the excitement with perfect music for game shows!

Game shows are chock full of their own music, but it rarely gets the respect it deserves. The fact is, each segment of a game show needs a ditty or, at the very least, a sound effect to tell the audience what’s happening. Whether a contestant is winning or losing, the best music for game shows will mold the viewer’s mood in the span of just a few seconds. And all the really great theme tunes interweave the winner’s music into the credit rolls. It’s a sure-fire way to get the audience feeling optimistic and happy about what’s coming up or whatever just went down!


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The general knowledge round

The most important qualities in really top-notch music for game shows are pretty straightforward. Firstly, the ability to capture attention is crucial. It calls out that something exciting is about to happen! Better come quick and see what the prize reveal shows! Secondly, it should conduct audience emotions about the contestants’ performance. Mostly the viewer should be cheering them on, willing them to get the answers right or land on the best space. And last, but by no means least, it absolutely must create a heightened feeling of tension and then its release. The viewer should be dying to know what’s going to happen! Is it the right door? Is the answer going to get the most points. Did they bid enough? No matter what strategy the contestant employs, it should feel like a crazy gamble, and the music makes that feeling come through!

Survey says: keep them on their toes!

To demonstrate this point, consider some of the most well-known music for game shows. It has become embedded in pop culture. Indeed, it becomes a shorthand reference for whatever the show stands for. The Countdown Clock theme tune, for example, both keeps steady time and heightens suspense through clever key changes. A catchy little jingle at the end resolves beautifully so you know for sure that time is up! In the UK, it’s used regularly in comedy contexts to signal not only all those same feelings to the viewer, but also the idea that whatever is time sensitive is actually just a bit silly. The Jeopardy! theme song is another famous game show tune that has similarly playful cachet in the US. Humming it in a friend’s general direction indicates good-natured impatience when they’re thinking.

Music for Game Shows you can choose from:

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Steve Poloni – Racing Glory
Intro – Tacka Tucka
Intro – Funky House I
Intro – Fun Kids
Steve Poloni – Covius
Intro – Rough Introduction
Intro – Orangutan
Intro – Thunderbird Over The Sea

Have a browse through some of the music here at Yummy Sounds and get some terrific ideas for dynamic music for game shows. Our Mood search is the perfect starting point. And when you’re eventually ready for an instantly recognizable jingle that is exclusively yours, speak to Thilo about Custom Sound Design. If you like something you’ve heard, but you need a variation on it for different moments in the show, most tracks can be edited and played with by the composer to meet those needs. Equally, if you want to commission something entirely new, be sure to get in touch. In any case, Yummy Sounds is the strongest link, so let’s make a deal. Come on down!

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