Gorgeous music for garden makeover videos grows your audience!

-Music for Garden Makeover Videos-

Music for Garden Makeover Videos

Bring your audience in and then take them out


Let’s face it: we all love a good home makeover show. Whether you’re putting up shiplap with Chip and Joanna or sparking joy with Marie, there’s something very satisfying in putting things in order. But it’s not just watching professionals transform homes that gets our attention. A great tutorial video will certainly get some serious views, too. And not only for interior spaces, but also for our great outdoors, too. It might be mid-winter, but it’s the perfect time for makeover fans to start thinking about sprucing up the outside in time for spring. Add a splash of music for garden makeover videos, and you’ve got yourself some quality online content!

Music for Garden Makeover Videos

Music reflects a space’s personality

If you’re an independent designer looking to add interest to you website or show off your best tips, then video is a great way to do that. One or two well-edited films showing your chops with some nicely matched music for garden makeover videos can be easily embedded on your homepage.

On the other hand, if you’re in the business of content creation itself, like a magazine or a vlog, then you’re going to need a lot more video in 2019. Video is the future of engagement, after all! It’s what all the cool kids are doing. If you’re just getting started, check out Apartment Therapy for inspiration. This website is really top dog when it comes to creating interesting content on interior and exterior design and decoration. In particular, browse their videos to see how they match up music to visual. They are without a doubt all about expressing individual taste. With this purpose in mind, the music they choose is as quirky and fun as the ideas are.

Consider what the audience wants

In a similar fashion, Buzzfeed’s Nifty creates loads of DIY video tutorials for home and garden projects. They’re meant to be accessible for DIY beginners, easy to follow, and fun to watch. Consequently, they choose music for garden makeover videos that is light and motivational. Anyone can do it, they seem to say, even you, surely!

By comparison, House and Home Magazine has a huge collection of videos on their website that showcase some truly spectacular projects. This is emphatically high end home and garden design and decor, from luxury materials to full landscaping. It’s aimed at a wealthier and less hands-on audience. Not surprisingly House and Home’s choice of music for home makeover videos is correspondingly less less can-do in its attitude. They aren’t really a DIY outfit, after all—the work gets handled by the professionals. The tracks are more laid back and less dynamic and individualistic than those used for Apartment Therapy and Nifty. As a result, House and Home creates a feeling of indulgence. This is “Treat Yo’self” territory.

Music for Garden Makeover Videos to choose from:

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Intro – Athletic
Veaceslav Draganov – Happy Upbeat Whistling
Intro – Tasman
Intro – Celebration
Intro – Techno Geometry
Dorothea Tachler – La-Di-Da
Cromo – Early Days Of Love
Intro – Follow Me ( + Various Versions)

So grab your camera and start shooting! Get those ideas on film and get them up online, so your clients and viewers can get inspired. They’ll love seeing spaces getting transformed, and without a doubt, they’ll want to try your ideas for themselves. But don’t forget to add in some sweet music for garden makeover videos to enhance the mood. Whether it’s to motivate or luxuriate, the tunes will get your audience on your wavelength. Let Yummy Sounds show you the path!

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