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music for graduation videos - Yummy-Sounds

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It’s finally the end! Or, is it just the beginning? It’s graduation time, and it’s both! It’s time to celebrate an epic achievement. After all, the hard work has all been wrapped up, at least for the moment. There are caps and gowns to don, awards to collect, and parents to make proud. You’ve earned something great! With this in mind, a well-made graduation video is the perfect way to memorialize the moment. And of course, you’ll need perfect music for graduation videos to pop on top.

Maybe you’re the parent of this amazing graduate wanting a little show reel for the family party. Or maybe you’re the videographer tasked with turning the commencement ceremony into a keepsake. In either case you’re going to need tunes to fit the occasion. Specifically you need music that inspires, feels adventurous, and acknowledges how big an achievement this is! Grand and stately for the procession of newly minted degree-holders. Nostalgic for family photo slideshows. And without a doubt you want fun, upbeat music for graduation videos to layer over the clips of your student’s progression from awkward noob to fully fledged adult!

music for graduation videos - Yummy-Sounds

Flying the nest!


On the whole, the folks at Animoto give the best tips if you’re making a video for your own kid. They might not be a child anymore, but they’ll always be your baby, amirite? Be that as it may, Animoto’s advice to keep naked baby pics off the video is pretty sound. Surely you’ve got plenty of goofy gap-toothed smiles and bad teenage fashion choices to show off instead! Above all, make sure you’ve captured their personality by picking ace music for graduation videos. And let’s not pretend we’re above a little cryfest, so be sure to include something soaring and proud to show them how you feel!

The big achievement!


If you’re producing a commencement film on behalf of a school or university, you may have significantly more ground to cover. After all, you’re telling the story of all the students, not just one. But in some ways the job is simpler. Generally you want to focus on the highlights of the ceremony itself. You may also, for instance, want to include a slideshow of then-and-now photos or senior year highlights. Advance DV has some ideas on how to curate your film. Undoubtedly you’re going to want some profound music for graduation videos. It will set the mood for not only recognition of accomplishment, but also the bittersweetness of entering a new phase of life.

Music for Graduation Videos you can choose from:

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Intro – Summer Rain
Intro – Wonder
Mike Dicillo – Our Story Begins
Intro – Homelike
Veaceslav Draganov – Inspiration Uplifting Corporate
Intro – Wind Upon The Mountains
Steve Poloni – Headed East
Steve Poloni – Southbound

Every American knows it will most likely be Elgar’s Pomp and Circumstance at their commencement. Indeed, it’s association in the US with graduation ceremonies is so culturally entrenched, that it’s hard to imagine it being used for anything else. It’s nearly as instantaneous a recognition as Mendelssohn’s Wedding March. It’s only got one purpose! But that doesn’t mean you can branch out in your video. Check out the great selection at Yummy Sounds for  fresh ideas on the perfect music for graduation videos.

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