Show off with cool music for home makeover videos!

music for home makeover videos

Get decorating with great music for home makeover videos!


Watching an interior decorating makeover unfold on screen is undeniably a supremely satisfying experience. There’s a reason HGTV is one of the most popular cable networks in the US, and the decorators and designers are proper celebrities. But if you’ve got a smaller concern—maybe you’re a freelance interior decorator or you sell bespoke home decor—your portfolio can still benefit from some spectacular hand-shot videos. And you will definitely boost client interest if you match them with some amazing music for home makeover videos!


music for home makeover videos

Quirky tunes for an indie vision

Apartment Therapy, one of the best online resources for budget interior decorating, has a fabulous series of house tour videos. In the first place, they show off real, realistic homes. Secondly, occupiers are interviewed in their own space to show how they use the space and what’s important to them. These short films are basically inspiration for anyone looking for ideas for their own home. Overall, they’re a great way to see how a small space and rentals in particular can work in real life.

In addition, Apartment Therapy has lots of other videos that cover all aspects of homecraft. There are DIY projects, tips for caring for houseplants, and loads of other useful info nuggets for personalizing your space. And each and every one of them has utterly charming music for home makeover videos humming along in the background. The quirk of each track complements the indie aesthetic of Apartment Therapy perfectly. And it also makes each short a thousand times more interesting to watch!

Laid back tracks for the luxe look

House and Home Magazine also has a huge collection of videos on their website showcasing some truly spectacular projects. They not only interview homeowners, but also the professional designers themselves, which gives you an idea of their target market. This is emphatically high end home design and decor, from luxury materials to full landscaping. It’s for an older, wealthier, and less hands-on audience. Therefore House and Home’s choice of music for home makeover videos is correspondingly more classically inspired. Hence, they aren’t really a DIY outfit—the work gets handled by the professionals. Consequently, the tracks are more laid back and less dynamic and individualistic than those used for Apartment Therapy’s videos. As a result, House and Home creates a feeling of indulgence. After all,getting things done by an expert is quite a treat! Clearly both of these interior design websites really know their audiences And that of course helps them attract and keep visitors returning again and again to their content.

Music for Home Makeover Videos to choose from:

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Intro – New York II
Steve Poloni – Covius
Intro – Clapping Hands
Intro – Korea
Intro – House Yaa
Veaceslav Draganov – Commercial
Paul Werner – Way Of Life I
Lino Rise – Evenshade

So go on, you know you’ve got a million ideas buzzing your brain right now. Get them on camera and pick out some ace music for home makeover videos with Yummy Sounds. Your clients will definitely love seeing their space getting transformed or their art being created. And without a doubt, new clients will love it, too. Seeing is believing, especially in the artistic world. If you can’t invite the world over to see what you’ve done with the place, do the next best thing. Send them a virtual invitation!

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