Choosing the Best Music for Image Films!

Music for image films

Music for image films creates a lasting impression!

A traditional marketing plan is heavy on visual cues, through print, website, and short television spots. But an image film (or ImageFilm) can take a great visual explanation and combine it with the right audio – music and voiceover – to create something truly amazing. And it can be accessed by all levels of your stakeholder base, from an investment bank all the way down to the individual customer. You need the best music for image films to make sure that impression is a good one.

Consumers these days have access to a wider range of choice than ever before. And information about products and services that was previously only available to industry insiders is now often available online. Armed with this detail, consumers are more aware than ever about the ramifications of the choices they make. Purchasing isn’t always just a matter of picking a top quality item. Buyers are keen to give their custom to companies who share their values. Making those values clear to your customer base, retail buyers, and potential investors is critical.


What is an image film?

Image films are longer than television adverts – often around 10 minutes – and they’re used in many different ways. They are great for addressing groups of stakeholders at industry meetings, and they can include financial information, tours of manufacturing centers, and interviews with executives. Something like this can even be embedded into the company website, so that it is viewable by any potential customer. An internally-focused image film is a great way to train and induct new employees, to give them an understanding of your company culture and the goals you have as an organization. They can help ease the transition into a new role.

And picking the right music for your image film is so important to conveying your message. For an image film that is going to be directed at trade fair attendees, something that’s going to set you apart from your competitors is paramount. The buyers at those big conferences will be bombarded with dozens, even hundreds of related products, and you’ll need to stand out from the crowd. Go with big image film music to introduce an industry innovation or to unveil an exciting new venture. Something with a driving pace for a dramatic intro, or something steady and focused to show your stakeholders you mean business when it comes to the competition.

Or opt for quieter, quirkier tracks to emphasize your company’s family values. For an inspiring company origin narrative, consider track that feels uplifting. Or try a quirky and happy tune for a homegrown manufacturing or retail outfit. What makes your organization unique – whether that’s ethical investments, fairtrade materials sourcing, social outreach programs, or other practices that are important to you – can all be illustrated with the right music for image films.

Using image film music to reach your audience

For a piece destined for the boardroom, you can make facts and figures more interesting with carefully curated music for image films. Even more importantly, you can guide the mood of the session. For example, relaxed track will give stakeholders time to absorb the information they’re receiving. Merging that into something more uptempo will create an anticipation about the future and company growth. A driving beat to accompany a preview of forthcoming services or products generates excitement and reflects your confidence to the people holding the purse strings.

But image films aren’t just for investors. They’re a great for embedding on your homepage or an About Us page. But you may want to consider a secondary choice of image film music to accompany it. Since anyone can access your company’s website, the image film music needs to really complement the message of the video itself. For example, if your company is a high spec car parts engineering firm, a floaty piano melody is probably not going to match the customer base you want to attract. Likewise, a bumping techno track probably isn’t going to inspire potential buyers of handmade ballet shoes. Matching the company’s overarching philosophy with the music is really important.

For showing the ropes to new recruits, a human resources presentation is often part of induction. A training oriented video ought to have upbeat and sunny image film music. It’s  about imparting to new staff your expectations for their approach to their work and, ultimately, to your customers. So interweaving a narrative about the company’s history and  principles with statutory components, like health & safety requirements, helps inductees understand their role in achieving the company’s goals. Some fun music for image films on top will feel welcoming and motivating.


Music for Image Films you can choose from:

100% Royalty Free | Safe to use Everywhere & Forever | #YummySounds

Intro – Warm Welcome
Victor Penkovskyi – Journey Together
Steve Poloni – Drift
Paul Werner – Inspired (incl. 4 Extra Versions )
Cromo – Shining Star Of My Life
Intro – First Love
Intro – Fading Fashion
Mike Dicillo – Team Building

Remember, your company’s image film is all about selling your organization as a whole, not just your products or services. That means encouraging consumers to get to know the people and principles behind the brand. If you’re interested in integrating a completely unique piece of music into your brand profile, get in touch, and Thilo will work with you to create something that’s just right for you!



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