Music for industry videos grabs stakeholders’ interest!

-Music for Industry Videos-

Music for industry videos

Industry video tells the brand story


Using video to tell your company’s story is undeniably not just a gold standard of comms, but standard, period. With its incredible versatility and accessibility, video is in essence how we learn, how we make consumer decisions, and how we interact with brands. So building a video portfolio for your company is becoming increasingly important. Industry films can take all kinds of forms. But one of the most engaging and with the broadest appeal is a manufacturing video. This type of short film works great at industry shows, product launches, and also on social media. And it’s certainly easy to understand why. It’s a tantalizing peek behind the curtain for all kinds of stakeholders, from your capital investors right down to retail buyers. But you need some snazzy music for industry videos to really make your film sing!


Music for industry videos

Match music and product design


Check out this manufacturing video for the Mac Pro, for example. It’s an oldie but goodie. As the video itself says, manufacturing and design are of course linked. And if you’re putting your company’s process on film, then music for industry videos is linked to these things, too. In this case, just like Apple’s design ethos, the music is uncluttered and elegant, with just a few clean orchestral sounds combined with happy clapping hands. The melody has a quick pace, and is busy but controlled. Nothing is rushed, and there is in fact no negative energy whatsoever. It marries the message of the Apple branding and the design of their products very nicely indeed.

Manufacturing has its own rhythm


In a similar fashion, Adidas have matched ideal music for industry videos to their short film about the Ultra Boost running shoe. Running is of course a repetitive sport that requires determination and motivation in order to excel at it. Making Ultra Boost shoes requires a similar level of patience, focus, and even rhythm of sorts. The track on this video has a cool electronic beat that undeniably ticks all those boxes. And it also does so at 180 bpm, a tempo that every serious runner will immediately recognize as the magic running cadence for long distance success. Adidas, like Apple, have really infused the music with their brand values. It pays off because this industry video acts like a factory floor image film.  

Music for Industry Videos you can choose from:

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Intro – Eclipse
Veaceslav Draganov – Ambient
Paul Werner – United
Aurealistic – Extremo
Intro – Misterious Alien Trip
Sneeky Creeky – Drum On The Run
Intro – Sunday Afternoon
Lino Rise – Industrial Flow

The most important thing to think about when choosing music for industry videos is the big picture: your brand values. And, if you’re focusing on manufacturing, then your product’s purpose, too. Without a doubt you should spend some time listening to plenty of tracks to see what feels right. Here at Yummy Sounds, we have a well-stocked library of corporate music, from industrial busy-ness to gentle steadiness. If you need any help in choosing or if you’re interested in crafting a unique sound just for your brand, then get in touch! We’d love to help you tell your story through sound.

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