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Music for Magic Shows

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Magicians are embedded in every culture. Whether they are the caped, top-hatted types of the vaudeville stage or the visionary shamans of ancient societies, wizards and sorcerers have been conjuring apparitions for millennia. And music has always been part of the performance! Trance-inducing drumming, floaty flute, full orchestras—you name it, magicians have used it as music for magic shows. Without a doubt, that music is as key to the creation of an enchanting ambience as any other trick up the sleeve. And depending on the type of presentation, different soundscapes will create different feelings in the audience.

What we think of as a traditional magic show—pulling rabbits out of hats and sawing beautiful women in half—is still the basis of lots of stage acts. An audience can’t help trying to figure out what’s going on with what seems by and large to be a simple trick. And just when they think they’ve got it sussed, a really talented magician will take it a step or two further and upend all assumptions! Ideal music for magic shows banks on those assumptions to craft complacency and then—ta da!—surprise at the final reveal. The right tracks will build that sense of anticipation and revel in the magician’s success at keeping everyone guessing at the end.

Music for Magic Shows

Setting the stage for the perfect illusion

Of course, every magic show is different. Some are playful and fun, perhaps geared toward kids and light entertainment. Some of the more grown-up shows bank on sexiness and suavity to direct and misdirect attention. And considering magic’s primeval origins, many shows especially use at least a little bit of supernatural imagery and styling to bewitch a crowd into suspending disbelief.

The Sacred Riana, a hugely talented stage magician, incorporates a lot of these old-school tricks in her act. But she also uses horror film styling to give it an occult edge that feels especially tense and unpredictable. She combines a creepy voice and distinctive body twitches to heighten the sense of weirdness. What’s more, she makes excellent use of mysterious, ghostly music for magic shows. Taken altogether, her performance creates an atmosphere of paranormal dread that is easy for an audience to believe in.

Get ready for the big reveal!

Dynamo, on the other hand, has a much more matter-of-fact persona. As a close-up illusionist who often works on the street, he adds the right music for magic shows later, when his performance is edited for broadcast. He nevertheless creates a fantastical vibe by moving carefully and holding a steady, disarming stare. The tunes on his videos don’t need to be mysterious. Instead, they’re gently triumphant, kicking in as his illusion reaches its climax.

These two acts couldn’t be more different, and consequently their music is very different as well. But they both serve the same purpose. Chiefly, they have chosen music for magic shows to enhance the audience’s buy-in to what’s happening. Their choice of tracks builds tension, develops a spooky foreboding, and ultimately delivers a celebration of the delivery of a perfect illusion. Music is unquestionably critical to both live appearances and video edits of performances.

Music for Magic Shows you can choose from:

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Dorothea Tachler – Nachdenklich
Intro – Drums Epic
Mike Dicillo – Cassini
Oles Korovnichenko – Shaman Ethnic
Intro – Geostorm
Intro – On The Right Track
Intro – Tactical Rise
Intro – Narrow Fade

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