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-Music for Makeup Tutorials-

Music for Makeup Tutorials

When you look and sound good, you feel good!


Making a beauty tutorial vlog has become an art form in its own right. There are countless makeup DIY guides on YouTube and Instagram. But the best ones are in a class of their own. And they inevitably have terrific music for makeup tutorials in the background. But for most vlogs, the tunes aren’t always helping the content stand out. If you regularly watch beauty tutorials, then chances are you’ve noticed the same tunes getting used again and again. As a matter of fact, YouTube has a collection of tracks in their creator studio that any vlogger can use. This can be a pretty good place to start, especially if you’re testing the vlogging waters, or aren’t quite established yet.



Good mood grooves

But as with everything free, you get what you pay for. Sooner or later, everyone gravitates toward the same handful of decent jams. And just like overplay on the radio, they quickly start to feel overworked for your audience. To really make your beauty vlog stand out, you need some fresh beats. This playlist from beauty guru Michelle Phan is an interesting mix. It isn’t meant as a playlist for a vlog, but a collection for viewers to listen to while they do their face.

But it’s insightful for makeup vloggers, too, because it’s audience curated. That is to say, Michelle’s viewers made the suggestions. And they are emphatically dance-centric. People want music that makes them feel like getting their groove on when they put on makeup. Music for makeup tutorials should certainly follow suit. Pop anthems, hip hop party tunes, and modern dance classics are all great inspiration.   

Dial it way up

For a more extreme makeup, you need more extreme music for makeup tutorials. Drag queen Miss Fame has a ton of how-to videos that make extravagant looks completely accessible to makeup babies. The wilder the look, the hotter the tunes in the background. Significantly, Miss Fame’s music is quite refined. In spite of having a clear club vibe, it’s still crisp. There’s no muddy electronic wall of sound stuff going on here. Take heed. Choose good quality music for makeup tutorials, and it will markedly enhance your viewer’s experience. In fact, they’ll be more likely to visit your page again. In contrast, crash their ears with something unpleasant, and they won’t. Even better, color your playlist to match the aura of the type of makeup. For instance, give them something dark and intense for a goth look. Or some power pop for a girly makeover.

Music for Makeup Tutorials you can choose from:

100% Royalty Free | Safe to use Everywhere & Forever | #YummySounds

Cromo – Future Disco
Intro – Break & Enter
Intro – Release The Energy
Lino Rise – Summerlight
Paul Werner – Imagination
Cromo – Shine With Me
Intro – Mosby
Cromo – Just Think Twice

Whether you’re launching a new vlog or refreshing some earlier content, Yummy Sounds some fab tracks for you. Our music library is chock full of potential music for makeup tutorials. If you’ve got lots of awesome content planned, then our Unlimited subscription gives you access to our entire catalog for one flat fee. And all of it is royalty-free, so there are no sneaky extra costs. Once you’ve downloaded the license, that track is yours to use whenever, forever. So get going. You better work!

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