Attract top talent with excellent music for onboarding videos!

music for onboarding videos

Welcome new recruits with warm music for onboarding videos


Onboarding—what’s that? It might sound like just another bit of corporate jargon, but it’s actually a super important means for keeping fit for the business game. It’s a method for investing time and effort into your most valuable asset: your people. Most important, it’s an opportunity to retain your employees and to reduce your turnover rate. You may feel that your company doesn’t need an onboarding process. And certainly that may be the case for some offices, or possibly for some individual departments.

But for many firms, even small ones, attracting and keeping top talent is a matter of survival in the market. For competitive industries in particular, onboarding is absolutely crucial. It all starts with introducing your company to the candidate field, and a great way to do that is by showing a video at recruitment events or embedding one in your careers webpage. And an especially brilliant way to sell your culture is by picking out matching music for onboarding videos!

music for onboarding videos

What’s different about onboarding?


The purpose of onboarding is a bit different from a standard corporate induction. It isn’t only about giving a new recruit basic knowledge about a new company or position, but also a more personalized process of welcome. And in fact, that process starts before the new employee has their first day on the job. Whereas induction often looks like classroom or one-on-one teaching, onboarding is more organic.

It’s a process of growth that starts with recruitment and continues on at least through the first few months or probationary period of the job. And it’s culture-focused. In particular, it’s about making an employee feel comfortable and confident navigating the office. And that includes their social interactions as well as their professional ones. It’s about helping new people fit in so that they’ll stick around. A short film is definitely one of the best ways of introducing your values and personality to new people. This is chiefly of benefit at the very start of your relationship, maybe before you’ve even met this person. And choosing distinctive music for onboarding videos is going to immediately capture the spirit of your company.

What should an onboarding video look like?


An onboarding film should really put your business’s best face forward. It should especially feel welcoming and open to new people, not intimidating. Think of it as a reverse job interview—the prospective candidates are trying to decide whether you’re the right fit for them or not. It’s a chance to show off your successes, as you might in an image film, as well as to give a glimpse into everyday working life. It differs from a corporate induction video inasmuch as it needn’t cover HR or other policies such as building safety.

Picking the music for onboarding videos should be the easy part. Think about what words you’d use to describe the atmosphere at work. Formal? Fun-loving? Friendly? Is it a suits and ties kind of a place or is it more jeans and T-shirts? For a more traditional office, something classical might set the right tone. For a cutting edge tech company, something sleek and modern is probably best. A creative group might want a track with some funk inspiration, which will definitely get new recruits thinking! It’s all about inviting outsiders in, especially those who are going to bring their A-game!

Music for Onboarding Videos you can choose from:

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Cromo – Chasing The Lights
Intro – Never Forget
Steve Poloni – Big Apple
Victor Penkovskyi – New Technology
Veaceslav Draganov – Palm Juice
Intro – The Roads Of This World
Igor Shorop – Green Earth
Cromo – Everything Is Getting Awesome

Choosing matching music for onboarding videos is without a doubt one of the nicest and most effective ways to show the world how you think of yourselves! So long as you feel good about what you do, you’ll be sure to let that shine forth on film. It will give you the chance to think hard about what it is you appreciate about working how and where you do. So give your business the chance to compete for the best talent in the recruitment pool. And pop some Yummy Sounds on top to give yourself a boost!

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