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Outtakes videos are without a doubt total money spinners on social media. Coordination fails, sports bloopers, actors breaking character—they’re all fair game. Add a touch of jaunty music for outtakes, and they quickly rack up thousands, even millions of views. And social media influencers have taken notice. So what makes outtakes so irresistible?



The world laughs with you

For one thing, they often feature our favourite famous folks. And people certainly love to watch celebrities no matter what they’re up to. Usually these stars are perfectly polished and professional whenever they’re on screen. But bloopers reels are a rare chance to see them flub it.

Even the personal accounts of the wildly famous get the treatment. Supermodel and super mom Chrissy Teigen occasionally posts clips of her own goofiness on Twitter. It feels like a funny peek behind the curtain—she’s just like us! It doesn’t matter that it’s all happening within her luxurious house or holiday spot or some other fabulous location. That it’s funny, down-to-earth, and humbling is most important. Maybe it’s a touch of schadenfreude, but we love knowing that otherwise very successful people occasionally mess up.

There’s comedy in numbers

Repetition is also part of the magic recipe for great outtakes and bloopers compilations. Basically, as videographer resource Videomaker says, getting it wrong once is a mistake. Getting it wrong a dozen times, however, is comedy gold. Subsequently popping a touch of silly music for outtakes in between the clips underscores the performer’s absurdity.

What’s more, comedy as a numbers game applies in other ways, too. Seeing a whole reel of different people making mistakes essentially ups the hilarity factor. If you’re already laughing at one funny moment, then you’re likely to keep on laughing as the video goes on. Each  clip  thereafter will feel funnier than the one before it. Even if they’re almost the same. Eventually viewers are wiping tears—and hopefully sharing the video with everyone they know.

Music for Outtakes you can choose from:

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Lino Rise – Maple Leaf Rag (Piano Cover)
Intro – Fun Kids
Intro – Happy Go Lucky
Paul Werner – That is fun
Mike Dicillo – Kickstart The Day
Intro – Something New
Intro – Pop
Intro – Tasman

But bloopers videos and outtakes reels don’t make themselves. Perhaps surprisingly, they need a touch of curation and production. In fact, the best ones collect similar types of bloopers together. A rapid succession of clips all showing football players flipping over is funnier than a mishmash of oddments. Similarly, several clips of an actor bungling the same line interspersed amongst other botched scenes is a great organisation strategy. And of course, soundtracking it all with some energetic music for outtakes will ramp up viewers’ reactions. With a huge library and thousands of tracks, Yummy Sounds can help you finish the cut!

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