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-Music for Product Promotion-

Music for product promotion

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Ecommerce has without a doubt seen explosive growth over the last five years. But one area that online retailers can’t compete with bricks and mortar stores? Product interaction, to be sure. Hence why physical shops find themselves welcoming customers who come in store, browse intently, and make their purchases online at a later time. As a result, the stores end up with a lot of overhead costs for what becomes a glorified fitting room or demo floor. It just doesn’t make a lot of sense to work this way, especially for an independent company. But with video tech, including 3-D and VR, getting more sophisticated all the time, high quality product videos are going to play a key role to keeping retail sales alive in the coming years. In light of this trend, to really get customers engaged, you need some cool music for product promotion.

Music for product promotion

Music is key to engagement

For small producers and indie shops, it can feel as though you’ve got to play with the big Ecommerce agents like Amazon Marketplace or else risk going out of business. And certainly selling through those major online retailers should probably form at least part of your sales strategy. But with some clever social media engagement, you can also drive direct sales through your own website. Having shop-branded, proprietary product videos that you can share on your own platforms draws in potential customers. And video undeniably captures customer interest in a way that photo and text alone don’t. Music for product promotion adds to that effect, keeping them watching longer. And the more people who buy directly from you, the less money you’re losing to a middleman e-retailer.

Services are products, too

But it’s not just physical products that benefit from promo videos. Phones apps, destination businesses like restaurants and museums—even consulting and other support services can use product promos to drive sales. We’ve surely all seen those promoted social media ads for casual video games that pop up on your feed and start auto-playing. They can be surprisingly tempting with their fun graphics and catchy soundtrack. But if you think this is a million miles away from demo-ing a tax accountancy service, it’s really not. Check out the H&R Block tax software page, for instance. The choice of music for product promotion video at the bottom makes tax returns sound downright joyful! Combined with colorful animation and reassuring voiceover, this is a great model for using music to drive the mood.

Music for Product Promotion you can choose from:

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Floere – Leichtigkeit ( +1 extra ver. )
Intro – Carefree
Igor Shorop – Secret Agents (Various Versions)
Veaceslav Draganov – Jazz Swing
Cromo – Rock Yeah
Tomas Novoa – Inspiring Rainbows
Intro – Athletic
Intro – Inspiring

If you’re not sure whether you’ve got a product or service that needs a video, then trust us—you do. No matter who your target market is, they surely benefit from seeing your offer dynamically. Video gives you the chance to literally show off your best angles. It’s accessible for clients the world over in any time zone, as well as being cost effective. And with some great music for product promotion in the background, you’ll soon have them hooked. So have a browse around Yummy Sounds. We’ve got thousands of tracks, with new ones coming online all the time. Or drop us a line, and we can help you pick out something that’s the perfect fit!

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