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-Music for Product Video Marketing-

Music for Product Video Marketing

Video interaction is the future of purchasing


Product videos are an increasingly critical component of every major marketing campaign. And for smaller, independent companies, they’re particularly necessary. To begin with, video is often the only way customers interact with a product before they buy it in this new age of ecommerce. What’s more, getting it right can be the difference between a successful product launch and struggling sales. One of the best ways for immersing customers in your brand values is undoubtedly with image enhancing music for product video marketing.


Bring brand and buyer together with music


The key to choosing music for product video marketing is basically grouping several factors into one soundscape. Firstly, the product’s use—what does it do or make. Then the aspiration of the customer—what does having this product do for the buyer’s image. Finally the brand’s values—what does your company already bring to this party in terms of reputation.

Take for example the Nespresso Citiz (scroll down halfway for the product video). This is a product that is trading on brand values of modern urbanity. Which are also of course the aspirations of the customer. After all, you wouldn’t bother buying a sleek Italian coffee machine unless you wanted to believe yourself to be the type to drink sleek Italian coffee. It’s an image as much as it is a beverage. And the music matches the product design, the description of the product, what it makes, and how it makes the customer feel: smooth, sophisticated, enticing. It’s very clever, really.

Feel your customer’s feelings


If this sounds like a lot to consider, then don’t despair. There are strategies to help you get your music for product video marketing pitch perfect, such as a mood board. What’s the brand image you are hoping to project, for instance? That is to say, what are the words you want customers to associate with your product? Start with this as your destination, and then work toward it.

And by all means get beyond the obvious. Every brand wants people to feel confident with their product, surely. Instead get into what your product does specifically for the buyer. If you’re in the business of providing reassurance—car seats, for example—then the music should be family-friendly and gentle. On the other hand, if you’re peddling surfboards, then your market is adrenaline hounds. Give them a rush with some fast-paced, high octane bangers. A track with some dramatic drops to match some sweet surf footage, for example, would be pretty awesome.

Music for Product Video Marketing to choose from:

100% Royalty Free | Safe to use Everywhere & Forever | #YummySounds

Steve Poloni – The Fourth Of Fall
Aurealistic – Congo NW Zeland
Paul Werner – Yummy Youth ( + No Vocal Version )
Intro – Fun Kids
Intro – HeadBang
Cromo – Inspiring Background
Intro – Silver Streams
Steve Poloni – Downtown Funk

So what does your product mean to your customers? Most important, how is it going to make them feel? Once you’ve got a good idea of how you want them to think, you can plant the idea in your buyer’s head with some great music for product video marketing. Start listening today with the Yummy Sounds library. And if you need assistance, drop us a line. We’re happy to help!

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