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Music for Product Videos

Music makes marketing videos sing!


Product and service demonstrations are a major part of the marketing plan for all kinds of businesses, from apps to automobiles. And product videos without a doubt make reaching your consumer base easier than ever. Where once you would have had to send a rep to industry shows, a client’s office, or door-to-door to show people your wares, a quick click on an video can now do the job. It’s a huge cost savings in that respect, without a doubt worth the time and money to feature on your company’s website. And as with all multimedia marketing, music for product videos is an integral part of buy-in.


Video is a green strategy

As a matter of fact, there are countless uses for product videos. Although they certainly can work in traditional advertising campaigns, they form a bigger part of consumer life than ever. For instance, end users of consumer products are increasingly turning to online videos for assembly instructions, parts and battery replacement demos, and similar advice. There could eventually be real opportunity for companies that rely on end user assembly (Lego, Ikea, we’re looking at you) to use video instead of paper instructions in the eco-conscious future—or present.

But it’s not just consumers. Investors and other stakeholders are a keen product video audience, too. If you’re launching a new product concept or showcasing at an industry show, a snazzy video highlighting key features is always a nice addition. A 3-D animated video can certainly be a very cost-effective alternative to a prototype in the earliest stages of planning. The first thing to remember, though is that in all of these situations, your video is fundamentally a marketing tool. And one of the best ways of keeping people engaged with video marketing is by adding engaging music for product videos.

Video is a smart strategy

But what sort of music works with your video? You want to grab attention, after all. But the key is to match the feeling you want to evoke in the viewer.

For example, check out the extremely stylish videos for Lenovo’s Thinkpad X series. They certainly have a clearly defined aesthetic with their palette and minimalist industrial look. And the music for product videos undeniably matches that. The track in the “Beat the hell out of it” video is futuristic, but it’s cheeky, too, just like video itself. The purpose of this video is to highlight the extreme durability of the computer, but it could have done that in a very straightforward and boring way. Instead, Lenovo have used color, design, and music to show that function and fashion can work together. It’s fun, unusual, and memorable—just right for a short consumer marketing piece.

On the other hand, have a listen to the music for product videos used in this example for the Nespresso Citiz (scroll halfway for the video). It’s smooth and sophisticated, which are of course words that describe both the sleek design and presumably the delicious coffee it brews. Clever.

Music for Product Videos you can choose from:

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Intro – Kückenmühle
Aurealistic – Extremo
Floere – Dynamo
Sneeky Creeky – Drops Of Spacerocks
Veaceslav Draganov – Ukulele Positive
Intro – Money Is A Weapon
Cromo – Stomping At The Kitchen
Lino Rise – Dreamy Dance

If you’re not sure whether you’ve got a product or service that needs a video, then trust us—you do. No matter who your target market is, they always benefit from seeing your offer dynamically. Video gives you the chance to literally show off your best angles. It’s accessible for clients the world over, any time of day, as well as being cost effective. And with some great music for product videos in the background, they’ll be hooked. So have a browse around Yummy Sounds. We’ve got thousands of tracks, with new ones coming online all the time. Or shoot us a message, and we can help you find something just right!

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