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When it comes to real estate, you only have a brief moment to capture a potential buyer’s attention, as they browse dozens, maybe hundreds, of listings. If you want clients to zero in on your properties, you’ve got to put concise, helpful, and informative content on your website, your social media accounts, and listings aggregators. Naturally, a short sales film is the perfect hook, practically a must in 2018. And of course, the right music for real estate videos is going to tell the potential client just as much about what’s on offer as the visuals.


Hi-spec music for hi-spec spaces!

Producing a video that’s going to make a client stop scrolling a website and look closely may feel challenging. But it’s all about understanding what exactly you have to offer, and who you’re hoping to attract. Property management resource Landlordology suggests 3-D or virtual reality tours to draw clients in. But that might only be cost effective if you’re advertising a multi-unit space, like an office building or a condo complex. In these cases, being able to clearly show a bigger floorplan is key for prospective tenants, and that is best achieved with a virtual tour.

Or perhaps it’s a new development, and the units aren’t completed. In this case, a virtual tour is critical since real footage or photographs can’t be produced yet. A really well crafted 3-D model can show not just the floorplan of a space, but how furniture can potentially fit in it, as well as how different units in the same building relate to one another. These are all super important details! For these sleek and professionally-produced models, uptempo, dynamic music for real estate videos is going to convey technical precision and state-of-the-art features. It’s an instant confidence booster.


Getting buyers in the mood for a sale!

To market individual homes, consider a more traditional video. For one thing, they usually cost a lot less to produce than 3-D tours, even if you use a professional videographer. And they still do a fantastic job of showing off how a space works, the flow from room to room and what it feels like to walk through it. For a family home on the market, even a short slideshow showcasing each room might be enough. Some gentle and positive music for real estate videos is going to reassure clients. Something playful on the soundtrack may even help sell a house as a place to raise a happy family!

For a luxury house, or a one-of-a-kind design, something more detailed is going to give you the edge on the competition. But even for a really high-end property, less is more when it comes to the ideal music for real estate videos. Marketing experts HubSpot say the classic real estate sales mantra “Always Be Closing” has gone the way of the dinosaurs. The fact is, getting to the closing point requires a lot more finesse and a lot less aggression than it used to, even for these big money manors. It’s about guiding  potential buyers to the best features of a property—and yes, closing the deal!


 Music for Real Estate Videos you can choose from:

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Music for Real Estate Videos
Intro – Homelike
Intro – Focus II
Intro – Ambitious
Intro – Himelaya
Dorothea Tachler – Los Angeles Morning
Intro – Weekend Party
Victor Penkovskyi – Road Trip

For inspiration, check out some Yummy Sounds tracks by Mood. Warm, Uplifting, and Hopeful are all great starting points for picking fresh music for real estate videos that will put customers in an optimistic mood. Just right for committing to a dream home!


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