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Music for software tutorials

Music for software tutorials helps users learn!

Software tutorial videos are the grease in the gears of the business world today. Without them operations both for the software manufacturer and the end user quickly grind to a halt. They are unquestionably the best way to pass on software knowledge succinctly, quickly, and widely. But your end user is by definition not an expert in the program. To get from Point A to Point Z, they need a guide—you—who can make the information accessible and not intimidating. And one of the easiest ways to cultivate that feeling of friendliness is to include some laid-back music for software tutorials!

Music for software tutorials

Kitting up

Having the tools you need to craft your video is a no-brainer. But ensuring your toolkit is complete isn’t always totally straightforward. Elegant Themes has a detailed review of different software options for video screen capture, a must-read if you’re just getting started making tutorials. Even the comments section has great advice!

You also need to consider, however, a few other things. For one thing, your voice talent—whether that’s you, someone else, or multiple people. Secondly, if you’re working for yourself, your sharing platform, i.e. social media channels. That requires thinking about your audience and how to reach them. Additionally, you need to determine how you want music for software tutorials to play its part. If you’re operating under your own label, then at least include a track to accompany your logo reveal. It will really cement your brand. If you’re thinking about putting some background tracks on during the narration, as well, your best bet is undoubtedly to choose something low key. You certainly don’t want to distract from the instructions.

Reaching out

Whether you’re producing videos to monetize on your own social media accounts or you do custom jobs for clients, you want your video to transmit information effortlessly. TechSmith has a great checklist for making a software tutorial, including tips for drafting a script. This is particularly useful, since, unless you’re a scriptwriter, knowing where to start and how to structure things can feel daunting. They also have a section on syncing the audio and video.

You can add musical audio in addition to or instead of narration audio. For example, consider using music and onscreen text to teach instead of voiceover. And when transitioning between segments of your tutorial, picking a bit of dynamic and upbeat music will help your audience refocus for the next lesson. You might want to show a title card at that point in the video while you play your choice of music for software tutorials over it. Be sure to work these breaks in the tutorial topic into your script. Otherwise you may find that your voiceover for each segment runs together, making it difficult to find logical places to pause.

Music for Software Tutorials you can choose from:

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Mike Dicillo – Collecting Thoughts
Intro – Ambitious
Sneeky Creeky – Evening Lounge
Igor Shorop – Green Earth
Ya-Nosh – N8Y
Intro – Rain Drops (+ Second Version)
Intro – Clean Logo Sting
Intro – Airiness

The fact is, just about anyone can make a software training video. But making one that really excels, one that really turns on the light bulb for the end user requires attention to detail. Bringing all these components together well—the target audience, the script, the audio—is without a doubt what elevates the project. Yummy Sounds is here to help you strike the right tone with music for software tutorials. Because we have thousands of tracks, you’ll find a great variety to choose from. And if you’re not sure, get in touch and let us give you some tailor-made suggestions!

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