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Music for Student Videos

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It wasn’t very long ago when college and university coursework mostly meant writing papers. Paper after paper after paper. In our multimedia age, however, teachers and lecturers are moving more toward the tech side of things. For some assignments, video is an alternative format. Occasionally it may even be the required format for your work. Especially if you’re studying media, journalism, videography, or something similar. And while music for student videos might be optional, it does add a nice bit of spit and polish to a finished work. Yummy Sounds is here to give you some inspiration for how to choose an ace soundtrack for your video assignment.


Play with the format

Fistly, presenting work in video format can open up a lot of cool possibilities. You can deliver research like a documentarian, of course. But you can also consider the news broadcast format, game show or quiz show, or even an infomercial. Each of these has a music style that is without a doubt linked to it. Editing in a suitable track will give your audience an understanding about your approach. For instance, take a news broadcast. Usually it will have a big, bombastic intro before the news presentation. Think grand, orchestral melody, and maybe some synth blips. Additionally, a variation on the intro will play over the end credits—the outro. And if you’re doing a breaking news style, something even more attention-grabbing would be best. A game show, however, needs something jazzy, even dare we say a tiny bit cheesy. Give the people what they want!

Push the envelope

On the other hand, if you’re doing a video art project, the above rules don’t apply. While doing a send up or satire of another format, associated music might work. But don’t be afraid to push the boundaries a bit. In fact, feel free to get really far out in your choice of music for student videos. Go with something that matches the level of abstraction you’re reaching for visually. That could even mean splicing together different tracks. Clever and careful editing to match the cuts with the music cues will transform a soundtrack into an integral part of the art. Sometimes the musically familiar juxtaposes nicely against something unexpected visually. By comparison, using a unique and unusual track can infuse familiar imagery with new emotions. At any rate, it’s all about your vision as the creator. Go for it!

Music for Student Videos you can choose from:

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Intro – New Age
Intro – HeadBang
Intro – Film Production Company Logo
Cromo – Old News Is No News
Intro – Photosynthetic Skin
Intro – Reality Of Dreams
Intro – Logo Newstime
Intro – Prana II

All things considered, how to approach music for student videos depends a lot on what you’re hoping to convey. You, of course, want to gain your audience’s attention. But you also potentially want to give them some emotional guidance. Above all, you don’t want the music to take away anything from the visual content. It should absolutely complement the video itself. If you’re feeling a bit at sea, Yummy Sounds is here to help. We make searching for the right sound especially easy with our filters. Moreover, we can give you some suggestions for your video. Just give us a shout!

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