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For dedicated travel videos writers and vloggers, each journey is more than just work – it’s a chance for adventure and maybe even personal growth. The challenge of the job is to convey what it’s really like to be somewhere new – the sights, the people, and of course the sounds – for their audience at home. Capturing the sensation of standing in a gorgeous natural landscape or the sensation of feeling welcome in another culture is no easy task. But choosing the ideal music for travel videos goes a long way toward transporting your viewer to a faraway place.


Choose the Right Music For Travel Videos!

No two trips are the same, even to the same place, so the music for a travel blog or film is going to set the mood straight away. It might be a lovers’ getaway to a tropical paradise. Or once in a lifetime hike through an epic outdoor wonder. Or maybe it’s a weekend retreat to an urban spa. The music for travel videos will tell your viewer if this was a physically demanding personal challenge or a relaxing escape from the work week. And Yummy Sounds has every base covered.

Exploring a new city is a heart-thumping adventure, with something special literally around every corner. Glittering high rises or a crumbling old town, quiet alleyways or soaring architecture – they all project their own beauty just waiting to be captured on camera. The soundtrack to a colorful market wants a rich blend of busy sound. The bustling streets of a capital city speak the language of power, and the tunes should match.

Emotional, Exciting & Powerfull Travel Videos!

A wild weekend away with friends is something else altogether. It’s time to let loose! And a thumping dance track is going to sell your party destination! Choose from loads of EDM-style tracks to keep the groove going throughout music for travel videos!

Advertise a magical vacation at a family resort with playful tunes. Chill out and snuggle up at a woodsy cabin with some cute acoustic music for your travel film. Stretch out on a sandy coastline to the sound of some romantic notes. Encounter a charming new culture with a happy and inspiring track. Expand your horizons with a grand view and some truly profound music for your travel video or slideshow.



Music for Travel Videos you can choose from:

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Steve Poloni – The Fourth Of Fall

Victor Penkovskyi – Upbeat Fun

Cromo – Just Trust Me Baby

Paul Werner – Inspiring

Paul Werner – Coming Home

Intro – Early Morning

Paul Werner – Develop A Life

Steve Poloni – Swampy

Whatever kind of holiday or trip you’re chronicling, Yummy Sounds has the music to match your mood. You can pick an individual track to back your personal travels. Or sign up for a membership if you’re a regular jetsetter, and get some big discounts when you buy multiple tracks. And brilliantly, once you’ve purchased a license on Yummy Sounds, you can use the track again and again in the future, wherever your travels take you! It’s a pretty sweet deal.

So what are you waiting for? Get packing!




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