Great teams deserve great music for victory and success!

-Music for Victory and Success-


Winning sounds to shout about!


You know what they say: if you want to win, then you’ve got to keep your eyes on the prize. When it comes to film and games soundtracks, however, music for victory and success is really the big mood signaller. That is to say, music does more than just the visual cues to help guide the audience’s emotions. Equally important, it gives an insight into the feelings in the minds of the characters. We can see them striving for a goal, or in the case of games, we control their attempts. But a shift in music into a victory sound tells us this character has gotten through the worst of it.

A change from a minor to a major key is a pretty typical signal. In the same fashion, a swell of orchestral instruments also sends the message that something big is occurring. Even before the goal is in sight, optimistic music can help the audience feel the character’s determination. Choosing the right tracks for these goals is paramount to giving a full emotional experience. But music for victory and success isn’t just for soundtracks!


Music for victory and success in business

Brand strategy is a big picture thinking. It’s all about understanding the overarching values of your company, team, or product. Then you can start infusing your outward-facing image with those values. For example, your style guide’s color palette might be heavy on green to associate your service with environmental friendliness. Furthermore, a jingle might be a great addition to advertising campaigns. Your branding also needs to reflect back into the office culture, and that’s where a company anthem comes in.

In other words, choosing music for victory and success as your in-house theme song reinvests brand energy back into the workforce. Chiefly it serves as a musical shorthand for your employees to understand the company culture and expectations. Consequently a company anthem should be underpinned by positivity, hard work, and camaraderie. It can motivate your team to live up to their best potential. And it’s a great backing track to company awards ceremonies, holiday parties, and even mini celebrations for meeting internal targets.

Celebrate success in games and sports

To quote composer Philip Sheppard, who was responsible for the national anthems arrangement for the 2012 Olympics, “Music and sport are the two great uniters of the world.” After all, every football club has its song, chanting which is a beloved bonding experience. Give your own local sports or gaming club a boost with some music for victory and success. There are plenty of classics out there, of course. But there’s something magical about establishing a signature song just for your team. Cheer on players at tournaments with it, pop it over highlight reels at the end of the season, or soundtrack an awards ceremony.

Generating that sense of achievement, of a goal reached through teamwork is what music for victory and success is all about. By all means, an irresistible beat is a key ingredient. Equally important, though, is a bit of sentimentality. These tracks ought to make hearts soar. With the right mix of inspirational chords and determined percussion, you’ll be onto a winner!

Music for Victory and Success to choose from:

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Paul Werner – Rising Hero
Floere – Leichtigkeit ( +1 extra ver. )
Sneeky Creeky – Press The Lounge Button
Mike Dicillo – Karda
Intro – Sweet Vape
Intro – Fading Fashion
Intro – Magnificent Motivation
Intro – Release The Energy

At Yummy Sounds, we know firsthand that there’s nothing like some awesome music for victory and success to drive your team to the finish line.Whether you’re coaching a sports team or a sales team, editing a highlight reel or video games credits, the right tunes set the mood for winning. In fact, a driving beat and an excellent groove actually enhances performance and enjoyment of an activity. Of course, victory tunes are also all about lionizing winners, so pick some glorifying tracks to celebrate reaching your target!

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