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Music for wedding videos

Capture the magic of your wedding day!

Ask anyone what the most important moments in life are, and walking down the aisle is sure to be near the top of the list. But while the marriage lasts (hopefully!), the wedding itself is over in a flash. Catching the best moments on film is an absolute must if you want to remember more than just a whirlwind. And while a ton of attention goes to the still photographs, a nicely shot and edited wedding film recreates the feeling of the big day in a much more exciting way. So how to choose the best music for wedding videos?

There is so much well-known and beloved wedding music, but at the same time, everyone wants something smashing to make their day memorable. Whether you’re planning a short DIY slideshow for your own nuptials, or you’re a professional videographer looking for something unique to offer your customers, the music you choose to soundtrack your wedding video is vital. It’s got to bring every touching moment and sweet emotion back to life every time it’s viewed.

Music for wedding videos

Browsing music for wedding videos

Browse through our hundreds of tracks, and listen around for a while to find what moves you. Weddings are chock full of positive emotions, so capture that optimistic vibe with some lush, inspiring music! Not sure where to start? We have a tag just for weddings under the Video Theme search category. It’s full of gorgeous, elegant tracks that hit all the right sentiments. Or search by Mood. Warm and uplifting music is perfect for beginning a new chapter in life. And of course, romantic music is just right for classic, traditional weddings.

Unique music for one-of-a-kind weddings

If your wedding theme is more on the quirky side, a bit indie in its aesthetic, discover some really charming acoustic tracks under Style. Check out nature tagged tracks under Video Theme for soundtracking an outdoorsy ceremony. And if you’re going all out with some sweet drone footage, be sure to peruse the aerial & drones tag under Video Theme. Soaring chords, images, and hearts make for a really moving wedding video!


Music for Wedding Videos you can choose from:

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Paul Werner – Pace Of Life
Cromo – The Wind Is In The Lounge
Intro – I Will Miss You
Intro – Morning Coffee
Cromo – Family Summer
Dorothea Tachler – Breaking The Spell
Oles Korovnichenko – Guitar With Orchestra
Mike Dicillo – Beautiful Earth

Best value music for wedding films!

If you’re after just a few tunes, no problem. Pick and choose individual tracks, and they’re yours to use as soon as you checkout. If you’ve got a lot of projects on the go, consider an awesome Yummy Sounds membership, and save loads of cash when you buy multiple tracks over the year. The memberships are unbelievably good value. And since Yummy Sounds offers unlimited use on every track, you only pay once for each piece of music. Then you can use and reuse them for all your future projects – at no additional cost, ever.

So, are you ready for your big moment? Sure you are! And Yummy Sounds is going to be right by your side to help commemorate your special day with lovely, unforgettable music for your wedding film. We’re here for you!



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