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Gorgeous music for yoga to center your mind

Yoga is downright mainstream these days. What was once an esoteric and ancient practice is available everywhere, both in live classes and online videos. For busy folks, subscribing to yoga YouTube channels, not to mention following favorite instructors on Instagram and Twitter, means yoga instruction is instantaneous. For those desiring a more communal experience, virtually every city has a studio with classes. Each yogin has a different approach, of course, which is reflected in their methods. Regardless of their style, however, a touch of relaxing music for yoga helps transport the student’s mind to a whole new plane.



External sound to create internal quiet

But how important is music for yoga? Certainly it is possible to have a yoga class in relative silence. Breathing rhythm and mental placidity are, of course, some of the most important aspects to yoga. And quietude unquestionably helps achieve that. But complete silence sometimes has the opposite effect. Indeed, it sometimes invites the very busyness of the mind that yoga intends to alleviate.

Lululemon’s YouTube page is full of excellent yoga videos to give customers a taste of many different styles and instructors. But not all of them have music. Those that don’t have any sound other than the instruction are so different from those with a soothing playlist. As a result, the instruction feels a bit empty. On the other hand, videos that have even just a gentle tune in the background fill up the space with warmth. Indeed, the wellness and wellbeing that comes from performing yoga is greatly enhanced by the music that accompanies it!

Music at the core of yoga

Danielle, the yogin behind Xen Strength Yoga, fully understands the importance that the right music for yoga can bring to a class. She gives a great breakdown of class planning on her website. But her number one piece of advice is “Figure out what type of class you’re going to be known for teaching.” For her, that includes being known for an excellent soundtrack. Not surprisingly, she says her students seek her classes for the level of attention she brings to their experience, including how she curates the soundflow.

And that curation is the key to successfully choosing music for yoga. Ambient music and similar abstract soundscapes can help cultivate the introspection that is so important to yoga. But while tranquil tunes are a great starting point, considering the structure of the class helps a lot. Starting gently and building intensity as the instruction becomes more complex motivates students to challenge themselves. Calming it down again at the end aids meditation.

Music for Yoga you can choose from:

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Mike Dicillo – Collecting Thoughts
Lino Rise – Art By Telling
Intro – Upbeat Inspiration Long
Intro – Inspire
Intro – Return To Me
Intro – Himelaya
Intro – Neon Dream
Dorothea Tachler – Ice Scape

Music is our prana!

With hundreds of tracks in the library, and a very wide variety of styles, Yummy Sounds has what you need to soundtrack your class or video. In fact, we stock everything from nature-inspired acoustic tunes to soothing ambient sound. And especially with our memberships, you can get a great deal on multiple tracks. Mix and match to create a sound theme to match your vinyasa flow!

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