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The Perfect News Jingle

The creation of a distinctive brand for your news broadcast wouldn’t be complete without a joined up news jingle to start and end the program, whether it’s a television broadcast, radio transmission, or topical podcast. For big, corporate news outlets, a music package is usually the order of the day, commissioned as part of a much broader marketing strategy. And for a live television news broadcast, they may include hundreds of variations and cuts of the main theme for use at different moments, to coordinate with different anchor lineups, or to ensure that the close of the program finishes at a precisely timed moment.

The cost of this kind of music commission is sky high, but in the big money world of network syndicates, nailing an instantly recognizable sound is a crucial component of carving out a sizeable audience share. For some broadcasters, their news jingle is one of the most famous parts of their image – virtually every Brit can immediately identify the BBC News jingle, for example. But for an independent news broadcaster, this kind of strategy isn’t necessary or maybe even desirable.

Building an Independent Identity

Alternative news outlets – like local television and radio, indie stations, or artisan podcasts – need a unique brand, too. But a corporate style may be out of reach, or maybe just not in the spirit of your brand. Or maybe you already have some solid intro and outro music, but you’re introducing a new regular segment to your program, and you need a groovy little news jingle just for that piece.

Independent Identity


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How Does a Quality News Jingle Benefit My Broadcast or News Show?

When it comes to conveying your station’s image, the intro and outro tracks are probably the most important sound to consider. For news especially, striking the right balance of trustworthiness and gravity in your jingle without it becoming ponderous is really important. Newcasters are for many their main source of information about their community and the world – people want to know they can count on this source to be right and to take their job seriously. The opening music should usher the audience into the studio with the broadcaster. It should be welcoming but send the message that you mean business. The closing music might suggest a finality that indicates not only that the program has finished, but that the audience can consider your reporting to be the last word on the matter, metaphorically speaking.

If you’ve got breaking news or traffic and weather updates interspersed into the more general reporting, a faster, more urgent track might be a good bet. It indicates to the person watching and/or listening that what’s coming up is particularly significant and perhaps requires special attention. An entertainment, sport or light news segment may benefit from a less dramatic jingle, something perhaps a bit quirkier. And a news podcast that discusses current events might use a couple of jingle variants to introduce different interviewees or guest pundits.

What Jingle Solutions Can we Offer?

Think about exactly what message you want your sound to convey and then have a browse of our’s extensive library of news intro tracks and jingles. There are dozens to choose from, and the library is growing every week, thanks to collaborations with new artists and producers.

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For Your News Show

For breaking news or traffic and weather updates, consider Singapore or Hot N Trendy. Fast beats, syncopated rhythms and a driving melody draw the audience’s attention immediately. The importance of what’s coming next is clear.


For Breaking News

For breaking news or traffic and weather updates, consider Singapore or Hot N Trendy. Fast beats, syncopated rhythms and a driving melody draw the audience’s attention immediately. The importance of what’s coming next is clear.


  • Intro – Inspiring

For Special News

Specialist segments can benefit from a well chosen intro, too. Product X has a great sound for a regular investigative beat. Fremantle is a perfect jingle for entertainment news. And even a health segment could get new life breathed into it from Magellan, whose heartbeat style beginning and stately midsection combine for a nod to hospital sounds and a sense of gravity toward the subject matter. And there are dozens more for you to browse.


  • Intro – World’s Nature

Custom News Jingle Design

Even in the realm of big news channels, getting a custom news jingle just for your broadcast is pretty rare. Usually the parent company dictates a series of jingles for all their franchises. Or multiple broadcasters in a region may use related jingles to create a regional news identity. But with LRM, a customized news jingle is within your reach and your budget. If you want something truly different that takes into account your anchors’ personalities or which you just know hasn’t been heard before, talk to our in-house composer, Thilo Konstanzer, about your needs. With years of experience in developing distinctive intro music designed to evoke specific moods, he can work with you to create a brand that’s all your own.


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