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Overhead Music for Medical Offices full yummy sounds

Different music for a different kind of office


Lots of offices have some kind of music playing in the waiting area to keep clients from getting bored. It’s certainly a pretty tidy way of preventing people from getting antsy while they wait for their appointment. After all, there are only so many “When is it my turn” inquiries the receptionist can handle. The music for these moments is often sold as an easy-going mix of recognizable pop. The idea is that people feel mildly entertained without their tastes being challenged. In fact, some of the bigger licensing companies even offer packages of radio tunes for waiting rooms. But this doesn’t necessarily work as overhead music for medical offices.


Overhead Music for Medical Offices full yummy sounds

Music helps healing

What’s important to realize is that a dentist’s office or doctor’s surgery differs in important ways from other business premises. This is especially true once patients go past the waiting room and into their consultation. The mood becomes markedly different—and that often means tense or anxious. All things considered, patients can really benefit from a different approach to help guide their mood. With this in mind, a conscientious office manager will choose soothing, calming overhead music for medical offices. Ambient music, abstract soundscapes, and other gentle genres can help patients feel at ease. And if they feel relaxed, then their examination or conversation is going to be a lot less stressful and go more smoothly. And, critically, lots of research shows that feeling positive helps promote better patient outcomes. Calm and optimistic tracks can help foster that feeling.

Opening up with music

Voice production company Holdcom has a terrific blog entry detailing what to consider when choosing ideal overhead music for medical offices. In particular, they key in on the fact that volume is of central importance. Loud music will inhibit or even interfere with important communications. But quiet music that doesn’t fit the mood still isn’t quite going to cut it. Something that can almost melt into the background is going to allow all the benefits music can bring to the ambience without disrupting the conversation. It’s effect is in the background. But the music serves its purpose very much in reality—by contributing to a tranquil atmosphere and giving a patient confidence and composure in what might otherwise be a stressful situation. The bottom line is, music is a great addition to creating a therapeutic environment.

Overhead Music for Medical Offices you can choose from:

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Aurealistic – Delta Yoga
Paul Werner – Remembrance
Mike Dicillo – Collecting Thoughts
Lino Rise – Art By Telling
Intro – Strings Of The Afternoon
Intro – Finally Family
Tianguang Yang – Lonely Dream
Intro – Blow Of Fate

It’s about a quality customer experience


At the end of the day, you want your patients to feel comfortable, not least because you want them to come back when they need you! Waiting to see your doctor or dentist is often more than an exercise in passing the time. It’s also about allaying anxiety and mentally preparing for whatever conversation or procedure is coming up. For that reason, browsing the Yummy Sounds library by mood is probably the best way to find great overhead music for medical offices. And you can filter by more than one mood to really target your search. We promise it won’t hurt a bit!

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