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Great quiz show music is good fun and absolutely vital!


What is it about quiz shows? They are one of the most successful television formats in the history of the technology. We can’t get enough of them. And to be sure, it’s not hard to see why. They’re chiefly clever and funny. At times certainly tough and intimidating. Occasionally all of the above. But they’ve also got a splash of glitz and glamour—a studio audience, a charismatic showbiz host, the promise of a prize. Equally important are the distinctive quirks of each show—the host’s catchphrases and iconic quiz show music.

The best game show tunes are upbeat and easy to remember, and they serve an important purpose. For one thing, they add a pleasant predictability in the face of the dreaded, unknown questions. They give the impression that the host, the contestants, people watching at home—they’re all good friends. And this is all just a bit of silly excitement. That combination of comforting consistency and unexpected challenge without a doubt is what makes game shows irresistible watching! The comfort food of TV. So what makes perfect quiz show music?


Survey says: Grab their attention!

The most important qualities for really top-notch quiz show music are pretty straightforward. Firstly, the ability to capture attention is crucial. Something exciting is about to happen, so make it snazzy! Tap into that feeling of flashy fun. Secondly, it should conduct audience emotions about the contestants’ performance. For the most part, the viewer should be cheering them on. After all, the beauty of a quiz show is that it could be you up there! And finally, it absolutely must ride a big wave of tension right up to its release. The viewer should be dying to know what’s going to happen! Is it the right door? Will they get it done in time? Did they bid enough? In short, no matter what the contestant does, it should feel like a crazy gamble. And really excellent quiz show music makes that feeling come through crystal clear!

Music is the strongest link!

In reality, quiz shows are chock full of great music. But it’s a genre that rarely gets the respect it deserves. The tracks are undeniably diverse, well-crafted, and memorable. The best ones quickly become embedded in pop culture. In any case, each segment of a game show usually has its own sound to tell the audience what’s happening. Additionally, when the game changes or a new round starts, segment transition tunes usually kick in. Whether a contestant is winning or losing, the best quiz show music will mold the viewer’s mood in just a few seconds. Moreover, all the really great theme tunes interweave the winner’s music into the credit rolls. It’s a sure-fire way to get the audience feeling optimistic and happy no matter what just went down. Essentially, a quality quiz show needs a handful of variations on their theme to serve a few purposes.

Quiz Show Music you can choose from:

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Cromo – Inspiring Background
Intro – Netherlands I
Intro – Corporate
Intro – Hope And Desperation
Intro – Dominance
Cromo – Ready To Rock
Intro – Orangutan
Steve Poloni – Racing Glory

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Quiz shows aren’t just for television, though. Both radio programs and live events benefit just as much from fun quiz show music. And with a superb range of unique jingles, Yummy Sounds can help you find the right sound. Our Mood search is the perfect starting point, with lots of upbeat options. If you find something you like (you definitely will!), but you need some variations on it, get in touch. Many of our tracks can be edited to meet those needs. Equally, if you want to commission something entirely new, check out our Custom Sound Design section. We’ll get you onto a winner!

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